5 ways to step out of your comfort zone and be free

While comfort is one of the many things that we desire so much in our lives, the risk of being comfortable is just too much. Many people who are in a comfort zone are afraid of one thing – failure. Escaping the comfort zone can also be a very difficult thing for many people as a feeling of security characterizes the whole thing, and because of this, a person rarely sees the need to jump out of the situation.

If you have realized that you are not achieving anything meaningful in your life, then it’s because you may not have the time to explore the many things that life has to offer. Getting out of the situation is easy, as you only need some discipline and dedication into turning your life around. Here are some simple ways to step out of your comfort zone, and prepare yourself for meaningful life transformations.

1. Overcome your fears as they are what prevent you from realizing your full potential

Many people who are enjoying their comfort zone are for the idea that they shouldn’t engage in any activity that is likely to bring them close to any risk. They forget that risks are unavoidable, and even the successful brands we encounter must have experimented with risks at a point in time or the other. Without trying out something new, we can’t tell which thing we may be good at, and for the many people who enjoy the company of comfort zones, many of them have no idea of what they would like to be in their life.

The meaning here, therefore, is that we should drain our brains of the mentality of “but I think I will fail if I try,” and build optimism in any venture which we think may turn our lives for the better.

2. Check your company

Friends, family, workmates, and the people we interact with on a day to day basis have a freindslot of influence on the perception we do develop towards the many things that surround us. If you have friends or family that doesn’t remind or push you into doing things that transform your life, then the biggest risk is that you will be enjoying a comfortable zone without even realizing.

There are those life ambitions you would want to achieve as a person, and in many instances, we must have that person that

guides us into doing anything we plan in the right way. Have a company of friends that share the ideal ambitions of success as you are, and by doing this, anything you do will be kept in check as friends will motivate you into achieving your dreams, and also remind you of the direction to take if you are missing the point on something.

3. Moving out of comfort zone is not a “one-time” thing, handle your goals in step-wise direction

Success is not an instant thing, and this is contrary to the view that many people hold that “I want it all at once, and not bit by bit.” Handling too many life goals at the same time may not lead you into achieving that objective you want for yourself.

Many goals at a single time instant will burden your life, slow your progress, and diminish your chances of ever stepping out of the comfort zone. Don’t get over ambitious, and instead, outline your goals and handle them on one by one basis. I personally am working toward no more than two at a time.

The approach will slowly see you rising out of the comfort zone, and the resulting benefits will be manifested for the greater part of your life.

4. Have a Goal in Life

Set your life goals and develop a plan which will enable you to make many of your goals a

A goal

A goal

reality. Provided you are disciplined enough in following your life plan; you will transform many of your ideas into reality, and by doing this; you will be able to escape the allure of slow progress that accompanies heavy immersion into comfort zones.

The many people who enjoy the life in their comfort zone don’t know what they want for their lives. Look around you and identify that thing or that life you would want to have some time in the future. Having life goals will make you resist the many pleasures that accompany life in the comfort zone, and change your attitude into doing things that are of benefit to yourself.

5. Get a coach

All though all of the above sounds nice, it’s not always easy for most people doing those things alone. Sometimes you just need someone to be on your corner and give you the nudge in the right direction or convince you that it’s worthwhile making an effort and feel uncomfortable when stepping out of the comfort zone.

A coach is exactly the one you want for those occasions. A good coach will know when to push you gently forward to try something new that will bring you the thing you desire which is just outside your comfort zone. A good coach will also know when it’s okay to let you rest a bit and gather strength before you make that courageous move of stepping out and doing something new.

Since everything in life is either growing or disintegrating, staying in that zone too much might feel comfortable and warm, but it’s a dangerous place to be in for too long. These were just 5 ideas in order to stop living your life in your comfort zone, and experience growth. Use them and do something new, something you have never done before, the psychic income you will receive from it will be worth the risk.

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