Bob proctor’s streaming club is the best way to study with Bob

PRODUCT NAME: Streaming club
OWNER/COACH: Bob Proctor
PRICE: $99.97/month
REFUND: Yes. 60-day full money back guarantee
MAIN IDEA: Live study session with Bob Proctor/sandy Gallagher
WHO IS IT FOR: People who want to study with Bob Proctor and ask him question on a weekly basis

If you have read several posts of this blog, you know that one of my great inspirations is Bob Proctor. I wake up with his abundance meditation and go to sleep reading books he has read and recommends.

In this Review of Bob Proctor’s steaming club, I’ll share my thoughts on the program, and compare it to other programs Bob is offering. You’ll also get the details of the program, so you could decide whether it’s right for you. So if you are considering joining the program, I suggest you read on.


Calling it Bob proctor’s program is not entirely true. In the recent years, Sandy Gallagher has joined with Bob to establish the Proctor Gallagher institute, and she is part of the streaming club as well.

The streaming club offers a chance to study on a weekly basis what Bob studied for half a century, and what he still studies. Every week Bob or Sandy choose a passage from a book that has helped them to change their lives, and explain how using the knowledge from that book or passage can really change the state of mind of the person who understand the deep meaning in those books, and applies it.Bob Proctors streaming club

The great thing in the streaming club is that it’s live! Because it is live you get to ask questions during the 60-minute study session and have them answered by Bob or Sandy themselves. I know that at first, this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but after seeing a few sessions where Bob answers live questions, I got why there is a value in these sorts of things. A lot of the material may sometimes sound very generalized and you can often think that it wouldn’t fit into MY life. Having Bob answer a specific question you ask may give the missing piece of the puzzle to have the material fit into your daily routine.

The possibility to ask questions is so important that once a month the entire session is dedicated just for answering members’ questions. As a member of the Bob Proctor’s coaching course, I have seen several Q&A sessions like these, and after seeing them, I felt like I really learned a lot.

Pros and cons


  • Live weekly session with Bob Proctor
  • Access to the entire club’s archives (powerful addition!)
  • Additional written articles and audio
  • A 60-day money back guarantee
  • A closed Facebook group just for the club

The main point to look for here is the access to the past session of the club. These have real value, as they enable you to have access to new material all the time.All though the session themselves are not new, the fact that each session is different makes past sessions different than the ones you participate in live. This makes it a worthwhile addition to the club since you can look at past sessions and learn new things all the time.


  • Written articles can be redundant if you are a member of another program of Bob’s
  • Closed facebook group has little value
  • Price is a bit high for the program’s value

I feel that all though the live sessions are interesting, very enriching and definitely worth your time, and the archives have a real added value, the rest of the features are a bit lacking to justify the price.
This is even truer when you compare this program to the premium membership in six minutes to success which costs the same and offers a monthly Q&A session with Bob in addition to the many other great features. It’s true that having access to Bob live goes a long way, but somehow I feel that the streaming club could be valued at around 70$ – which is quite a big difference than the current price.

Final opinion

The streaming club is a great program but may be a bit overpriced.

Learning with and from Bob Proctor could have a tremendous impact on the way you perceive your life, and can improve them. The program offers great features like the monthly live Q&A sessions and access to past learning sessions. These features go hand in hand with other features which are less significant, like the closed Facebook group and the written articles (This feature is great IF you haven’t already read those articles).

The program is priced at 99.97$ on a monthly basis which makes it a bit high in my opinion, as some major parts of the program could be of no use to you. This point is also true since Bob has other programs which cost the same, and has tons of great features compared to the streaming club.

The best advice I can give you here is to try the program for yourself and try to ignore the articles and Facebook group. If you feel that the learning sessions, Q&A sessions, and archive access are worth 99.97$ then go for it. If not, make sure to use the 60-day money back guarantee!

How to join

If you decided that the streaming club is right for you, you can just click on the link below and enjoy your first live session this week!

Click here to receive your first live session today

Tthe streaming club

10 thoughts on “Bob proctor’s streaming club is the best way to study with Bob

  1. Jose

    I’ve also loved and studied Bob Proctor and all his teachings for a while now, he is an absolute legend and I first became introduced to him when I watched “The Secret”! The program does seem good, but six minutes to success seems even better. I was thinking of joining his program before and maybe this is a sign from the universe that I should. I’ll look into it, thanks for this!

    • ido

      Hi Jose,

      Glad to hear you liked the review.

      I’m a member of six minutes to success and it is an excellent program!

      I recommend it to everyone I know. Its vert affordable, and the ideas are amazing, and it’s easy to track and digest.

      You really should get involved with it.

  2. Michel

    This program does sound good, but you are right – the price is very steep.

    Here in South Africa with our terrible exchange rate it could work out to more than R1500 per month, which is an entire salary for some.

    Although I agree this man is awesome, I think there are a lot of life coaches out there that are just as good at a far more affordable price.

    • ido

      Hi Michel,
      I agree that there are many coaches out there.
      Bob Proctor is considered one of the first people to be a part of the self improvement industry, which coaching is now a part of. That what makes him different from most.
      The fact that the program is very expensive in south Africa might be a good reason to check other programs that offer more for the same price, like the excellent “six minutes to success”.

  3. Hindy Pearson

    Hi Ido,
    Thanks for bringing this program to the attention of your readers. I’m curious to watch the meditation video, but I agree, the price is very steep, and factor in the incredible amount of free resources that are just as life changing, it’s not something I would consider investing in. Having said that, I’m sure this program has helped many people improve their lives.

    • ido

      Hi Hindy,
      I agree that this program has probably helped many people expand their mind.

      There are many free resources out there (which I think is excellent, by the way) that can help develop and expand your mind. The main thing that this program provides is the ability to study with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher live, which is something that cant be found on the web.
      The price is a bit high though exactly because other programs Bob has offer more for the same price as this one.

  4. Ian

    Very interesting.

    I first heard of Bob through Rhonda Byrnes “The Secret” and it seems like he has continued this kind of teaching in his program.

    I agree that the monthly fee is way too high especially since most of his wisdom can be found elsewhere.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Ido

      Yes, a lot of Bob’s material can be found online for free as well.

      The real value of this program is the fact that it gives you a live access to Bob, and shows you his way of thinking, in addition to having the option of presenting your own questions and receive his answers.

      The price of the program is a bit high in my opinion because Bob has other similar programs (like six minutes to success) that cost the same, and offer more features.

  5. Tar

    Greetings Ido. I can see you take actions following what Bob says and experience by yourself. So much being inspired.

    A live Q&A session is one people hope for because one, they do not need to wait for it to respond and there’s that engagement and active communication.

    You said that the Facebook doesn’t pack a a lot of value. What do you mean by that actually? Are you saying the group isn’t active on Facebook?

    • Ido

      The FB group is active, but the main conversations there are not deep ones where you can really improve your learning, but more of the fan kind that post videos, quotes and says how much he loves the material covered.

      In my opinion if a Facebook group is something that you advertise as a feature of your program, than it should really have something new to add, and not just be a fan group for the material.

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