Brian Tracy

Brian TracyName: Brian Tracy
Operating country: Worldwide
Main Coaching Fields: Business Coaching
Notes: Offers tons of specific self-help products


A bit about Brian

Since he has an organization that he is the head of which is called Brian Tracy International, he rarely does coaching sessions one-on-one, all though he offers these as well, but with a bit of a high price tag for the average person. Nevertheless, I have decided to include him in the reviews section since I believe that even if you don’t choose him as your coach, the other product offerings could definitely set you on your way of achieving your goals.

This is a guy who dedicated his life to helping people, and making them more successful. He has a 30 years track record and endless ways of making you go the extra mile, and achieve the goals you set for yourself. This is definitely the coach I want to become, and the least I could do is share with you his many (not all) his products, and his coaching session he offers. So let’s start.


Brian Tracy offers tens of different products, ranging from books to audio dvds and MP3’s. The books and disks that Brian offers vary and are mainly focused on:

  • Personal development
  • Time management
  • Sales and business training
  • Book writing
  • Leadership development

In the shop you can find books like the Maximum Achievement Goal Planner which focuses on personal growth, or the sales success made simple kit  and even a book on how to raise happy children.

Since there are many products, and both you and I have better things to do with our time then read about all of them, I want to focus on just two that I think are most interesting and helpful:

  • The book “Eat That Frog!” which tackles your procrastination
  • The one-on-one coaching
Eat That Frog!Eat That Frog!

This book features 21 ways to handle time more efficiently. It covers various methods that would help you focus on your most important tasks for the day, and even get you to understand what are the most important tasks you have.

The book gives many practical methods on how to handle procrastination, how to focus your energy on the important things and how to not get sidetracked when reality hits.

All though the book offers some pretty straight forward and trivial methods to approach time efficiency (like the Pareto 80/20 distribution), which might make the book a bit redundant, it also offers some interesting techniques like the Law of the Excluded Alternative which basically says  that doing one thing means not doing something else. All though very simple, and also might seem trivial at first, when you stop and really think about it (seriously, take 5 minutes and do it now), it makes deciding on which task to focus next a lot easier.

You can get the book as either a soft cover (14.95$) and MP3 audio (21.95$) or an E-book (13.95$). I recommend choosing the medium that you think would be easier for you to keep reading, as the book is more practical than your usual a bedside book and you would want to finish it.

The bottom line for this book is that all though it might have some trivial looking methods that you could easily say “I didn’t need a book to teach me that”, you could easily miss the simple yet highly effective techniques that are hidden inside which are worth it. Since the book is just 168 pages long, I suggest that if you think that you cant quite control your time, to get the book and start using its techniques from day 1.

One-On-One Coaching

In addition to the many product offerings, Brian also offers a private coaching sessions, which targets CEO’s.

The coaching sessions are an hour meetings, which takes place two times a month, for 12 months. This means that each month there are two, one hour meetings. These sessions can be taken separately, or as a single two hours meeting.

The price of the program is 60,000$ for the entire coaching year. I can only imagine that this price is set in order to make sure that only CEO’s of big companies would consider the offerings.

the coaching sessions are constructed in such a way that before starting the program, you and Brian talk and decide on a set of goals that you want to achieve in the following year (like any other coaching program). Brian then builds a strategy, together with you, on how to achieve the desired goals in the shortest most efficient way possible.

Throughout the year, Brian then sends a questionnaire with a business questions that the client is requested to answer in order to monitor the progress, and adjust the strategy if need be.

So is it worth it?

I think that it’s clear that Brian targets only a very specific niche with this program, and unless you’re a top executive,  or own  big business, it’s very hard for me to imagine you would want to spend 60,000$ on coaching, especially when there are many other great coaches which could help you out for a fraction of the cost.
Bottom line – too expensive for my taste. As a future coach I think that making the coaching professions widely spread and used is a something that every coach wants and setting high price tags for services is not the way to do it.

Parting video

Before you make up your mind, below is a short video of Brian which regards to choosing a mentor. The idea of getting help from someone, and making a point to follow up on his help, while in addition thinking of ways to help him back, is something I feel many people don’t consider, and this video might help in surfacing that idea.

I hope the above review has helped you decide if Brian Tracy is the coach for you. Since Brian has so many other products (in fact his coaching session are the lesser part of his services), I recommend that you go to his shop and see if there are any other products that could help you improve your life.

If you think I have forgotten something, or want to share your personal experience with Brian or any of his products, let us know about it in the comments below.

As always it’s important to let you know that I have not spoken personally with the coach mentioned in the post. The data here is collected from the web and/or the coach’s page. I always suggest speaking with your candidate coach before deciding if he is the right coach for you, and consider at least 3 coaches before choosing.

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One thought on “Brian Tracy

  1. Johnathan Tarter

    Brian Tracy sounds like a phenomenal life and business coach! The cost may be a little high but It sounds like it would be more than worth it! Personally, I’m not interested in a coach right now but if i was, Brian Tracy would be the first on my list! 🙂

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