Marc de Bruin

Today’s coaching review would consider Marc de Bruin.

Marc de Bruin

name: Marc de Bruin
Operating country: Australia
Main coaching fields: Life coaching
Notes: Offers additional services like NLP and business counseling


A bit about Marc

Marc’s first position was as a real estate lawyer in the Netherlands. He worked in that position for about 6 years, before he decided that the stress was not making him any healthier, and he decided to quit. He then started studying Body Stress Release, and eventually started his own practice.

After moving to Australia he started studying coaching. He went on to study the field more and now he is “Qualified Counselor, Certified Life/Business Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, AusIDentities Personalities Facilitator and Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Practitioner” in his own words, from his site.


Marc offers services for both organizations, and private people doing one on one coaching.

According to marc’s site, he has a range of services that would help private people in many fields. Some of these are:

Marc also offers several programs for organizations:

  • The Four Corners Program
  • The Integrated Personal & Professional Development Program
  • The Small Business Start-Up Program

The Four Corners Program

This program is aimed at empowering mainly job seekers, professionals, and others to discover their inner strengths and motivators, in order for them to take more control of their lives, as opposed to being led by them.
More specifically, the program will:

  • Help participants set occupational goals and vision
  • assist in eliminating barriers on the path of achieving those goals
  • Provide a 1-1 life coaching and counseling
  • Aid in re-igniting hope for achievement

The Integrated Personal & Professional Development Program

This program provides a model that would help individuals make the change they request from their life. The program will implement a neurological change that they would be able to use for either personal purposes or professional ones, as they see fit. Some of the issues that the program would be effective for are:

  • small businesses and start-ups
  • career development and transitions in the workplace
  • accelerating businesses
  • setbacks which are caused due to negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, and lack of confidence
  • overcoming negative emotions that keep individuals from moving forward
  • time management issues

The Small Business Start-Up Program

This program is intended for people who wants to start their new business, but not quite sure where to start. It would help understand the basics, and get you off in the right direction. It can be experienced as a 1-1 program or in a group.

The program is closely aligned in helping with:

  • preparing a business plan
  • managing money and finance issues
  • marketing strategies for the business
  • preparing a specialized sales proposition and personal proposition
  • media management – social media in particular
  • time management and speeding up your business
  • building the right website for the business
  • balancing between work and personal life.


I hope the above review has helped you in understanding in a nutshell if Marc is the coach for you. If you want to know more, I urge you to go to marc’s site and read further.
As always it’s important to let you know that I have not spoken personally with the coach mentioned in the post. The data here is collected from the web and/or the coach’s page. I always suggest speaking with your candidate coach before deciding if he is the right coach for you and consider at least 3 coaches before choosing.

I try to keep all the information up to date, but if you see any error, or have any comment on the above, please let me know at


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