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Christina MerkleyName: 
Christina Merkley
Operating country: Canada
Main coaching fields: Life coaching
Notes: Offers many additional services besides coaching like courses in her SHIFT-IT school, and self-learning kits

A bit about Christina

Christina has a degree in English sociology and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development & Transformation. She began her career working for Grove Consultants International as a visual recorder. While in this position she has traveled all over North America and Europe, while taking part in meetings with some of the most known companies in the world like e-bay, B.B.C, H.P etc.

During this time she has also started working with individual clients, and have also undergone a coach training.
On 2001 Christina has started her own practice – Make Your Mark LLC, which specializes in visual and graphic facilitation for individuals and companies.

After missing the horrible event of 11.9 in New-York, and understanding the fragility of life, she has transitioned from her corporate career to follow her own dreams and created her SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System®, which helps individuals discover what they really want in life, using a step-by-step visual system.

Christina’s mission is to assist individuals, companies and partners to manifest their vision of themselves, and helping to make a shift in consciousness worldwide.



Christina has 3 main service offerings which are:


The SHIFT-IT online course is a 7 week program in which you get to be a part of a group that meets each week and speak with Christina. As SHIFT-IT is a 7 stage program (the stages are outline to the right), each call would cover a different stage. During the call Christina personally explains the map which is relevant to that stage using volunteers, and afterwards you can fill your map in the comfort of your own home.

This program will enable you to:

  • Map Your Life To Date (Make Peace With Your Past And Harvest Your Best Thoughts, Beliefs and Energy To Aid In Forward Motion)
  • Sort Your Real Desires From The Intentions, Hopes And Desires OTHERS Have Had For You
  • Create A Compelling, Good-Feeling, Believable Vision To Guide You in the Months, Years and Decades Ahead;
  • Identify, Soften & Remove Your Internal Blocks
  • Align With Right Action and Attract The External Resources You Need To Smoothly And Happily Create Your New World.

If you want to take part of this meetings, yet don’t feel like sharing too much of your personal life with other people in the group, you can get the SHIFT-IT Online Home Retreat Kit. This product has the exact same material the online course present, in a comfortable and easy to navigate interface, which lets you learn all the materials in the course, in the leisure of your own time

Business Essentials Process For Professionals

The business essentials process for professionals  is an online program which helps process professionals (i.e. professionals which deliver some sort of change process like consultants, facilitators, trainers, coaches, speakers and the like) and other small business owners, build their own business, which would lead to sustainable living.

The program is constructed of 10 modules which cover all the basics of establishing a business in the revenue range of 50$-300K$.

The program covers topics like building your identity and brand, building the right offerings for your market, how to best market yourself and other basics which would help you either establish your business, or develop it. The first 7 modules cover the business side – or outer side – of building the business, while modules 8-10 are “live labs” where it’s possible to see live class participants being coached through the their tough spots, and practicing changing into positive mindset.

What the program includes:

  • Seven 90-Minute Curriculum Videos (and Downloadable MP3 Recordings for Easy Portability);
  • Three 90-Minute Live Labs Videos (and Downloadable MP3 Recordings for Easy Portability);
  • Ten Presentation Notes (PDFs of Visual PowerPoint Shared During Videos);
  • Five 90-Minute Bonus Videos (and Downloadable MP3 Recordings for Easy Portability);
  • Brand Planning Worksheets (by Jocelyn Ring);
  • 2 Visual Coaching eBooks (Magnetism Map and Orphan Rescue);
  • Accounting Examples
  • Memo of Understanding Examples
  • Additional: Your option to add three private coaching sessions for integration support (45 minutes each with Christina Merkley).
Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals

The Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals course will show you how Visuals can be an empowering tool for groups and individuals. The course is appropriate for either people who already have experience with visual facilitation, and those who (think they) have little graphic abilities.

The course would cover how working with visuals can contribute to  either one of the following… brainstorming/idea generation, history & life mapping, visioning, strategic planning & action plans, conflict resolution/mediation techniques, succession planning, entrepreneur/partner discussions, product development, process mapping and much more.

If you ever thought about working visually, either in graphic recording, or graphic coaching, then this course is for you.

The course can either be taken online, or in person. The online course has 18 hours of online instructions, Q&A with Christina after each lesson, 10 instructional videos, private online forum, and much more!

The in-person course features 5-8 full training days, 300 page manual+dvds and all the markers and paper you can think of.

Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals

I hope the above review has helped you in understanding in a nutshell if Christina is the coach for you. If you want to know more, I urge you to go to Christina’s page and read further.

As always it’s important to let you know that I have not spoken personally with the coach mentioned in the post. The data here is collected from the web and/or the coach’s page. I always suggest speaking with your candidate coach before deciding if he is the right coach for you and consider at least 3 coaches before choosing.

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