How To Hire A Coach

So how to hire a coach?

Getting the result you want would require the active participation of both you and your coach. Since the coach you choose has such a large effect on the quality of the process, and its effectiveness, i honestly think that it is important to choose your coach wisely, and take careful consideration while doing so.

Below is a list of suggestion and tips to consider while choosing a coach. All though you don’t have to follow each of them, or any for that matter, i think that it is recommended to consider at least two coaches before reaching a decision, and meet or speak with both before choosing who to work with.

Primary suggestions

In order to have an effective and fulfilling process, it is generally recommended to mind the below suggestions while choosing a coach:

  • Make sure you and your coach understand each other. Since the process of coaching is done by two people, you and your coach, it is very important that the connection between you be right. This would allow for effective and open interaction, and would enable deep introspection more easily by both parties. In order to find out if you and you coach “click”, it is generally recommended to meet or speak with your coach before making a decision
  • Have an idea of what you want to achieve. All though some the goals may take a different form through the process, i believe it is better to have an idea of the goal (or goals) you want to achieve before starting the process. This would make the process for both you and your coach easier, and would let the coach know what areas need to be strengthen.
  • Don’t choose the first coach you talk to. Since the process of coaching is delicate and sensitive, it’s important to interview/speak with at least two coaches before choosing the right coach for you. I think its better to try and speak with 3-5 coaches, but if you don’t have the resources at your disposal, 2 would suffice. Don’t compromise for less!
  • Understand what is coaching before starting the process. It’s important to understand the process of coaching, so the expectations for both you and your coach would be aligned. This site is the perfect place to start educate yourself on the process. Other recommended sites are that of ICF or the IAC
  • Ask to see the coach’s credentials. There are many people out there who take the title of coach. Some of them did not take the proper training, or any training for that matter. Today the coaching profession is getting more and more organized, and you could see official credentials from respective institutions (ICF or the IAC are two of these). Insist that your coach would tell you where did he study, and ask that he shows you his credentials. A certified coach won’t have any issues with this, and the ones who would have, are probably not certified.

Secondary suggestions

In my opinion the above suggestion are very important before considering any coach as the right coach for you. The below tips would help you as well, and might be a tie breaker in case you have several preferred coaches:

  • Make sure you understand how you are going to be charged, and what services you are going to receive. Some coaches charge by the hour, some per month or meeting. Career coaches might add additional services like editing your CV or LinkedIn profile for extra charge, or for no charge at all. The possibilities vary and there are much more examples. So make sure beforehand what are you going to receive, and what would be the charge.
  • Prepare for each session. Make the best of your time! The more you put in the process, the more you would receive back. So make sure before each session organize your thoughts, and understand what question you want answered, or which direction you want to be clarified.
  • Understand that coaching is a process. Sometimes the results you want won’t reach as fast as you want them. That is okay, as coaching is a process. It is important to persist, until the results appear. If you stick with the plan, and make efforts to apply what both you and your coach agreed upon, you would see the results you desire.

The above suggestions and Tips is taken out from questions i encountered from various people over time, and questions i had when i first started. If you have any other suggestions you would like me to post, don’t hesitate to contact me at ido@findingacoach, or leave your tip at the comments.