How to connect with your higher self: back to basics

Before we understand how to connect to our higher self, lets first try and understand it.

The higher self is a term that represents different things for different people. Some say it’s a spiritual guide that each of us has. Others say it’s that part of us that is connected to (what most refer to as) God, and there are many other definitions out there.

To avoid any misunderstanding, and to be as clear as possible, In this post, I want to speak about the way I perceive the higher self, and some of the ways that I know that help me and my clients to connect to that image, and wisdom.

What is the Higher self?

The way I perceive the higher self is the ideal image of ourselves. When you stop and think of yourself, and how you desire to be, you get an image. This is the image of how you want to be perceived in the world, how you can impact the world, and how you really would like live. It’s the perfect, flawless you.

Everybody has that image in their mind, not everybody is aware of it.

That image that resides in each one of us is our ideal us. It is also that part of us that makes us unique and some call it the divine spark. Others call it spirit or soul.

Whatever is the name that you feel most comfortable with, the higher self is that part of us that connects us to this power that we experience in this world (I’m sure you have an intuitive feeling as to what I’m talking about).

The higher self is our internal leader and authority.

The higher self is the part which is connected to our life purpose, and leads all the parts of our inner self towards fullest expression, in order to live and experience that life purpose.  The higher self knows exactly what is the next step for us to take. It knows what’s good for us, and what is it that we’re looking for. It has access to all the wisdom we will ever need, and he knows that everything will turn out just fine.

It is an endless resource that we can draw energy and answers from, whenever we feel stuck or lost.

So if the Higher self is such an awesome part of us, how is it that we don’t speak with it more often?

Connecting to our higher self

Accessing this endless resource that we have is not something that we learn in school,

You wont learn this in school

You won’t learn this in school

and for most of us, it’s not easily done at the beginning. After all, our world is so focused on the physical, and the above ideas are not something that many people accept into their life. Because of that they are not aware of this resource and have no motivation to learn how to access it.

So if you are a “normal” person, most chances are that you have not bumped into ways as to how to access this part of you, that can help so much. In this situation, it’s very easy to listen to the voices of our saboteur and all those other demons that tell us that we are not good enough, as oppose to listening to those whispers or our inner voices that tell us that we CAN do it, and that we are ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT!

The good news is that although you probably didn’t learn how to really access that part of you, you can start doing it anytime you want! Connecting to that part of us is an innate ability we have. There are many ways to do this and, like everything in life, the more you practice, the easier it gets.

How to connect with your higher self

There are many ways to connect to your higher self. Most of which are much more simple than you might think.  I’ve decided to list below the ones that work for me, and that I use with my clients.

Different ways will work differently for different people, so if one way doesn’t work for you, don’t hesitate to try a different one. If none of them work for you, mail me and we’ll talk and see how we can make sure you do meet your higher self.


Meditation has many benefits. Improved productivity, lowering your blood pressure and increased concentration, are just part of the list of benefits you can experience from meditating daily.

Another benefit of meditation is that you can contact your higher self. When you are in a state of total relaxation, and your brain doesn’t shoot off ideas and thoughts, all the regular daily chatter that goes on in your mind just wears off, and you can reach this quiet and calm place inside. That is the place where you can start to really listen to your higher self, and to who you really are.

The quickest way to start meditating is just calm down and start focusing on your breath. I won’t go into too many details as to how to meditate (a later post will cover that), but you can read a great post by Bob Proctor, that explains all about meditation in a very fast, easy way.


Visualizing is a great tool that we possess. A good way to meet your higher self is visualizing an entire meeting with him. there are two main ways I use to visualize and speak with my higher self:

  1. Guided Imagination – This is a great tool for visualizing. All you need is someone (your coach) who can guide you through an imaginary scenario where you can meet your higher self. This is the tool we use in CTI in order to help people find captaintheir higher self (or as we call it in CTI – your captain.)
  2. Create a mental place where you can meet him – In his excellent book, Psycho Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz explains that one of the best ways to clean your mind from the daily clutter is to create a place in your mind which is completely safe, and has no outside noise coming in. This is your place to relax and recharge your energy. You are completely free to create it the way you vision your perfect place to be, with everything just the way you like it. The more details you put in, the better.
    This is the best place to meet your higher self, and visualize a meeting with him. In that meeting, you can ask questions, or just have a nice chat.
Listening to your desires

The quickest way to listen to your higher self is to just listen to your desires. I’m not talking about those voices that tell you, that your angry, upset, tired, or even tell you what is your next task on your daily routine. I’m talking about your heartfelt desires. The answer that comes up when you ask yourself “What do I really want to do today?” or “What do I want to do next?”.

Your desires are a great way to listen to your higher self as these desires are feedback your higher self sends on a continuous basis.

These were just a few of the ways I use to listen to my higher self. If you have other ways, I will love to hear about them in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “How to connect with your higher self: back to basics

  1. These are all great points! It is true that it is important to recognize our weaknesses and strengths so that we can shape ourselves the way we want to. It doesn’t mean being perfect or better then others but it is a great way to look at ourselves. I’ve been focusing on getting rid of some rubbish in my life and it has made a huge difference.

    • ido

      Wow, I’m really glad to hear that!
      The more we invest in ourselves, and the more time we spend with ourselves, we can become better people, and subsequently, can act better towards other people.

      Thats really great to hear Emma!

  2. Hi Ido, great post! I really like the idea of listening to our desires, it’s definitely something I try to do from time to time. I also think Meditation is good too and I like the link to Bob Proctor you provided.

    • ido

      Thank you Stephanie,
      Listening to our desires sounds simple enough, but many people forget to do that. We listen more to what other people think of things, and choose to go with the “expected” rather than what we really want.

  3. Thanks for some very interesting thoughts on connecting or in some cases, re-connecting with ourselves.

    I’ve never tried meditation before, but you might have encouraged me to give it a go! 🙂

    • ido

      Meditation is just a fancy word for seating down with yourself and calm your thoughts.
      It has so many benefits, and is very simple to start doing.
      Whenever I have a client that says he feels stressful, that is the first thing I recommend

  4. yunier

    This was a very interesting article. I do feel that connecting with ourselves is a forever seeking topic as connecting with ourselves takes alot of time. I think the first step would be giving ourself a truthful self assessment.

    • ido

      The more you learn about yourself, the more you will learn about others as well.

  5. simon

    Hey Ido just read this and found it really interesting. I am just learning Transcendental Meditation and have found it very helpful, I dont know if you know much about it but its a fascinating subject.

    • ido

      Thanks Simon.
      Never heard of Transcendental Meditation before.
      How is it different than regular meditation?

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