How to visioneer and create the life you want

How to Visioneer, you ask? Well, maybe let’s start by understanding a bit about visioneering first. So basically, visioneering (or visualization) is the mental technique of using imagination to make your goals and dreams come true. In order to achieve any goal, it essential that we first create the picture of what we want in our mind, and then set out to achieve it.  Whenever you find yourself facing a difficult situation or stress, spend some time practicing creative visualization in order to cultivate the feeling of inspiration, encouragement, motivation and well-being.neurons

Extensive research has revealed that when you visualize an action, neurons in your brains
fire in a pattern similar to when you are actually doing the action. Visualization not only improves your mental performance but also actually affects your body and other aspects like motivation, confidence, and other cognitive abilities.

How to Visioneer: tips and techniques

Visualization is actually not as complex as meditation, but it too needs applying some techniques and measures to get the best results. Use these techniques to experience enhanced and effective results out of your visioneering sessions.

· Relax: The very first step to effective visualization is finding a quiet, secluded place with minimal human traffic and activity where you cannot be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable and start by meditating for a few minutes to calm your body and “zero” your conscious mental activity. Take three deep breaths and close your eyes to initiate the process.

· Focus on what you really want (as opposed to what you don’t want): One of the most renowned wealth coaches and visioneering expert Bob Proctor advises that you should only pay attention to what you really want. So for instance, instead of telling your subconscious mind “I don’t want to be poor”, say “I want to be wealthy” If you are not sure of what you really want, just say to yourself anything that “seems cool” and you can build on from there.


· Be specific: Most people have undefined vague goals when it comes to visualization. They someday want to travel somewhere nice. When? Where? They vaguely want to get rich. It’s like heading into a supermarket with a vague target of wanting to purchase something. Never going to happen, right? You need to be a little more specific: I want to go to the supermarket to buy a shower cap and shampoo. It is the same thing as setting goals, when visualizing, remember as many details as possible.

· Dismiss negative thoughts: When you feel bogged down with stressful thoughts or work schedules, decide that you will tackle them later on since keeping them depresses you and weighs you down. Whenever negative thoughts find their way in your head, breathe in heavily, blow your mouth into an imaginary balloon, and follow this up with a puff of air to send it away.

· Encourage positive thoughts: positive thoughts are good to you and those close to you. Hug your thoughts close and encourage them to grow. Imagine putting your positive thoughts in a plant pot, position them where the sun will gently warm them, and water them daily to encourage them to grow.

· Be consistent: you need to invest some effort in this. Remember that your mind, just like your body, needs practice. Keep in mind that the top most resilient athletes or bodybuilders did not get where they are by doing workouts 2 minutes in a day. They had to break a sweat. Focus on your goal and make it an obsession, a burning passion and a purpose in life.

· Use visual aids regularly: There is a significant difference between imagining your goals, and making them so real that you can practically feel them. To give your goals a real thrust, trying using additional imagery. You can start by posting a picture of that dream car by your computer, or interact one on one with someone in your dream.

Direct benefits of visioneering to your productivity and personal development.

1. It improves your performance: Professional athletes, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Tiger Woods have used visualization techniques for decades. Surgeons, politicians, business executives and musicians have too used mental imagery to improve their performance.

2. You Can “Trick” Your Subconscious Mind: Dr. Maxwell Maltz demonstrated this in his classic book; Psycho-Cybernetics. He notes that our subconscious minds cannot tell the difference between a vividly imagined memory and real memory. During visualization, you “implant” new memories in your self-image – at this point, your subconscious mind is tricked to “think” you have already attained the success of your dream. This frees up your subconscious mind and enables you to reach your personal goals, while dramatically increasing your confidence.

3. It helps you attain your full potential: Imagining that you can run 15 KM won’t really give you the physical capability of actually doing it, but full sensory creative visualization can greatly help you in giving you the motivation in order to accomplish the goal.

4. It reduces stress: similar to meditation, visualization is such a great way to relax, reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. When you visualize correctly, your brain produces alpha waves – these are amazingly good for you. When your brain produces them, your body and mind experience increased focus, relaxation, and pleasure.


5. It boosts confidence and inspiration: Constantly thinking about setting up that blog will increase your chances of actually doing it. The visual imagery inspires a storyline that slowly forces you to take action.

6. It makes you more creative: A good visual image is a detailed mental picture that inspires all senses. What does it taste like? What is the room temperature? What can you smell? The more vivid your mental imagery, the more effective results you get.

Visioneering can be a very powerful tool you can use to achieve your personal development goals. We all visioneer some way or another, but if we learn to properly do it, our journey in completing our goal will be much more engaging and fun. So if you were having a tough time reaching something you want up until now, repeatedly start seeing yourself as already having it. You will be amazed at how fast you will see results.

3 thoughts on “How to visioneer and create the life you want

  1. shrey

    This was an amazing tip, I constantly visualize of being a really successful person and being great in what I do. I constantly work towards myself in order to get better and it really helps when I visualize.
    This is an interesting read and I guess this is worth sharing with my friends. Thanks for the informative post.

    • ido

      Glad you enjoyed.

      We are what we constantly think about. As long as you keep visualizing and seeing what you want, your life will change to fit that vision.

  2. Peteni Kuzwayo

    Hi Ido

    Thanks for the post.

    I guess one of the biggest challenges for most of us is consistency. We get started, but we lack the discipline to keep at it because of the crazy and busy lives we lead.

    The benefits you list are amazing. And I doubt anyone in this world does not want to get the benefits you list.

    Lovely post!

    Let me head off and go Visioneer!!!


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