How your thoughts create your reality

It’s fun knowing that our reality is plastic. We are the creators of our own world and our own reality. What is less accepted though, is the fact that we create it through thoughts and beliefs. What we believe to be true, will happen for us. How we believe the world works, is in fact how it does work- FOR US. This doesn’t mean that this is how the world is working for someone else, and more to it we have the power of changing the world, ours and others. But in order to do that, it’s important that we understand how your thoughts create your reality.

Some definitions

For the sake of this discussion, I think it’s better if we define what a belief is, and what reality is. Yep, we are going to define reality.

A belief is a thought or perspective that we take on a certain matter. This is a set of opinions that we have on that matter which we consider to be true. the definition of belief by the Meriam Webster dictionary is:

something that is accepted, considered to be true, or held as an opinion

“All politicians are corrupt” is a perspective that may or may not is true. But if we accept it as true, then it becomes a belief.

Reality is a bit more tricky to define. Why? you ask, well since reality is how we perceive the world, it changes constantly. Each one of us perceives things differently, and so his experiences are different and his reality is different.

But you could (rightly) say, there are things that are absolute truths (my wife told me that just the other day). Then let me ask you, what is an absolute truth? Do you consider the law of gravity an absolute truth? Well, outside of earth it doesn’t exist. Do you consider the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow an absolute truth? Well, there are endless galaxies where that is not the case. Reality is what we perceive to be the truth, and there is no one truth. the truth is made of the sum of our beliefs.

So how does it work?

So we have our thoughts who create beliefs and we have reality. And one affects the other. But how does it fit exactly?

Since the law of attraction attracts into our reality everything we focus our attention on, if we believe a certain matter acts in a certain way, then every time we would think about it, we would think of it in that particular way.

If we think that something would happen, we naturally focus our attention on it, and so the law of attraction brings us more of that thing. This in turn only serves to strengthen our belief that this is how that thing works. If the belief is stronger, we would attract more of the same, which would manifest in our reality, which would strengthen our belief etc….

For example, if we think that most people driving on the road are bad drivers, then we would pay attention to other drivers’ mistakes or misdeeds on the road. We won’t pay attention to the other countless drivers who are perfectly fine. If we keep thinking this for a while we would accept this as true and turn it into a belief.

Since we now believe most people are bad drivers we would continuously pay more attention to

those drivers on the road. If we pay more attention to bad drivers the law of attraction will serve us right up with more of these instances. So we would encounter more bad drivers on the road. Congratulations. We have successfully created our own world in which most people are bad drivers.

angry drivers

Photo credit: Spanish Flea via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND


Now if we continue this and we encounter more bad drivers on the road, it would only serve to strengthen our belief that most of the people driving are bad drivers. Which would make us pay more attention, which would attract more bad drivers which would strengthen our belief… yadda yadda yadda

I know this is a simplistic way of looking at the process, but it is how the process works. This is how we create our reality. We think things, believe in them, attract things that harmonize with those first things and shape our reality. So, in essence, the way we shape our reality is because of the thoughts we think about things and how we perceive them. The below diagram illustrates the cycle of thought -> belief  -> attraction -> reinforcement ->  thoguht..

reality creation cycle

What to do to change our reality

This is a cycle that everyone is going through. Being aware of this is a very important step as it can help in understanding where we currently stand and what are the steps we need to take in order to start changing our reality.

As you might have noticed, the origin of the cycle is the way we think. This means that in order to change our reality we need to think different thoughts.

This is great news!

Why? because we can totally control what we think, as opposed to outside conditions where we have no direct effect on. So in order to change our reality, we need to change our thoughts.

Here  are a few ways of doing that:

1. Harvest the good

harvest the good

This is such a great expression and one I learned from Bob Proctor. It means to actively

seek the good in every situation and focus on it. Every situation is just is. what makes it good or bad is the way we look at it. If we train ourselves to look for the good in anything, our mind would be saturated with good thoughts. This would manifest itself faster than you think in your life and results

2. Think of things that make you feel good

This is such a simple exercise and a lot of fun. Once you find yourself starting to think negative thoughts, grab yourself by the head, and think of things that make you feel good. Did your team win the other day? think about that. Did you get a present? Is your birthday coming up? Do you have something you are expecting for? Think about anything that makes you feel good. Thoughts attract other thoughts of like nature, and if you keep practicing this, it would be easier to harvest the good from events that happen in your life (see point 1)

3. Monitor what you think about

Monitoring your thoughts is something that most people don’t do. This is essential if you want to change your reality. By monitoring, I mean paying attention and actually caring about what you think. The mind is like a garden, and if we don’t take care of it, then weeds start to grow. These weeds become habits which are tough to change later on.

One way of developing this habit is asking ourselves “why did I just had the thought?”, “What situation brought me to think this?”

I’m not saying to constantly monitor every thought we have, but exercising our ability to ask ourselves questions, will raise awareness of ourselves, and will clarify our motives for doing things we do on a regular basis (habits) which might not be serving us at all.

4. Practice meditation to quiet your mind

Another aspect of controlling our thoughts is the ability to quiet our mind when we want to. This is not easy to do at first, especially since we live in a world that demands constant attention. One of the best ways to practice that is by performing meditation on a regular basis. Meditation not only has tons of scientifically proven benefits but it also let us enjoy some quiet time in our mind without thinking at all, which in the long run lets us control our thoughts more.

So what it all comes down to

It all comes down to understanding that our thoughts and beliefs are what creates the conditions we experience and our life events. Once we understand that, if we monitor our thoughts and work on changing them into a more positive mindset, then we would see how the reality we live changes to reflect those thoughts.

I hope that this post gave you a sense of more clarity regarding the course of our lives, and it might even get you to start taking better care of your thoughts and mind.


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  2. Tam

    Yes! I love this post! I know that thoughts become things, but I do struggle with maintaining it long enough for it to be a true belief of mine. Thanks for the insights! Bookmarking this for sure!

    • Ido

      Glad You liked it!
      Maintaining this state of mind is something that requires practice. It’s not something that we are born with, and its definitely not taught at schools or encouraged by our environment.

      So it comes down to us practicing. The more we do, the easier it becomes.
      In no time it becomes a habit (This is where the fun life starts! 🙂 )

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