Is too much money a bad thing?

Most people feel wrong with being wealthy.

Before you decide that statement is silly, let’s do a small thought experiment. Imagine that you are seating on a park bench, and you suddenly see someone walking on a park trail happily along holding his small child, while kissing and hugging him. He speaks to him saying, how he loves him, and how good it feels to spend the time together while kissing him affectionately now and then. That might be a common sight and is considered normal. Now imagine that same man walking on the same trail with a big bundle of 100$ bills in his hands. He walks merrily along, kissing those bills, hugging them and affectionately saying how much he loves them and that it feels good to be together. How does that make you feel?

If imagining someone kissing money and openly expressing how much he loves it made you feel uncomfortable, then you’re not alone. Most people think that money is inherently bad. Why is it considered wrong to want money? It’s something everyone wants. Everyone thinks that having more of it would solve most (if not all) of their problems. Then why is it that rich people are mostly antagonized and considered corrupt?

Is money the root of all evil?

I recently had a call with my brother. He currently lives in Africa on a diplomatic mission and like many westerns who live Africa, he enjoys a very high standard of living. On that call, he told me that he figured out he wants to keep that standard of living when he returns back home. This means that he needs to earn a lot more money, and the fact that he wants a lot more money makes him feel bad about himself. It is as if he shouldn’t feel good about wanting money. It’s like having money to simply get by is okay, but having a lot more than to simply live your life is somehow not decent.

What an absurd thought!

Why is it that ordinary people think money is bad or corrupting, and simply want enough to “get by”?

That’s because decades of social conditioning got us believing that money turns good men into selfish, vain corrupt people. It’s enough to look at phrases like “filthy rich” or “money is the root of all evil” to see that there is a majority of people who believe that being wealthy is inherently bad (By the way, the phrase “money is the root of all evil” is a disruption of the original biblical verse which is “For the love of money is the root of all evil” from Timothy 6:10). Of course, there are examples of wealthy people who use their money and power for bad reasons (it’s enough to name a few tyrants like Saddam Hussein, or Benito Mussolini as examples) but there are also many examples of people who use their money for good causes.

The reason most people think money is bad is because it’s programmed in their paradigm. For decades we were taught by society and by our close relatives (parents or friends) that wealthy people are bad, corrupt, vain, egotistical etc.

Money is neutral. It is not inherently good or bad. Money’s sole purpose is to be handed over in exchange for some purpose, and it does that flawlessly everytime it is used. The reason behind the use of money is completely unrelated to it and stems from the person who is using the money. What money really does is amplify our abilities. It gives us the ability to do more and reach beyond our physical presence. True, money also makes us comfortable, but that is an added value, and its also related to how we use it rather to money’s purpose.

What can be done to change the paradigm?

If you feel bad when you think of yourself as having money, or if you feel bad for wanting money in the first place, then you might want to consider revisiting your ideas about money and change your paradigm regarding it. Here’s how to start doing that:

1. Understand that money is not bad. Money is neither bad or good, it simply is. If you read all the way down here, then congratulations, you are ready to accept that thought.

2. Start learning about money. Earning money is something we need to learn. It’s not taught at school, and it is a skill like any other.  Some books that can help in understanding money and how to earn it are The science of getting rich, and Rich dad poor dad. Some people to follow: , . A good personal development program that got me earning 50% more: 6 minutes to success

3. Rinse and repeat. Learning takes place with repetition. While reading the books and listening to the right people is immensely important, understanding the principles alone will not bring a change in attitude. In order to change the paradigm and the response towards money, it is necessary to repeat what is learned. This means to read and re-read the books and study from different angles what is said. The more we repeat the material, the more it becomes a fixed behavior.

So do you attract money?

Most of us think that money is bad. That in large quantities it has the ability to corrupt or change people. The truth is that money doesn’t change anyone, money simply allows us to express ourselves more. How we choose to express ourselves is totally up to us, and has nothing to do with money.

Most of us would want to have more money, however, the first step to having more money is to realize that money is not good or bad, It’s simply an idea expressed in the form of paper. Thinking about money in a negative form simply repels money from us, and if we want more money, we first need to change the paradigm we have of it.

So now it’s over to you. What do you think about money? Do you welcome it to your life, or do you feel it keeps slipping away?

4 thoughts on “Is too much money a bad thing?

  1. CW

    I really enjoyed this post. Many people struggle with this concept. Depending on where you grew up you were incorrectly taught that money itself is evil. Thanks.

    • ido

      Glad you enjoyed.
      I think it’s sad the people are taught to repel money and think negative thoughts about it.
      It’s like saying the moon is bad, and if we stare too much at it, we might grow tails.
      The last statement may sound absurd, but associating bad qualities to something which is neutral (like money or the moon) is simply absurd.

  2. Sagy

    These are some good points you make here. Thanks! 🙂

    • ido

      Thank you for the kind words!

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