Its your responsibility to create a life you want

I write a lot about the fact that you have the power to create a life you want. It’s true. We attract into our life the things we think about constantly, and by doing so, we have the power to create our own life. By visualizing and feeling as if we have already achieved what it is we want to achieve, the universe conspires to give us what we want and to manifest the thoughts that we entertain.

However, as much as its fun to know that we can create our life by simply visualizing and feeling as if, it’s important to make a distinction between the origin of the creation process, and between the actual results we see in our life. In order to create our own reality visualizing is not enough. As much as the universe wants us to live the life we imagine, it is our responsibility to create that life. Life is not going to happen. We have to create it.

The creation process in an understated nutshell

The process of creation in a nutshell (an understated nutshell) is as follows:

  1. Think the thoughts you want to think
  2. Visualize the image you want to see in your life
  3. Feel the way you would feel as if the image you visualized has already manifested in your life
  4. Attract into your life the opportunities and events to create the image you saw earlier
  5. ACT on those opportunities and see the image you visualized created in your life

create the life you want in a nutshell

The above process is a very simplified version of how it really works, but it serves our point for now.

Many people who are aware of the creation process don’t understand why it’s not working for them. How is it they visualize and think about the result they want, but still don’t see it happen in their life.

I’m one of those people. When I first started to learn this material I thought to myself that this is it! The key I was missing in creating my perfect abundant life is simply to visualize them, and keep it in my mind! Wohhoo!

That’s what I Immediately started doing. For two years I focused on visualizing, taking care of my mind and was very aware of thinking positive thoughts. Yet nothing of what I visualized happened.What I didn’t take into account is that life doesn’t create itself. We need to create it. all though the creation process itself is effortless, that doesn’t mean that we won’t have to work and act in order to see things happen in our life.In other words, I completely disregarded point 5 of our process model.

How it is our responsibility to create

The world we live in is a physical one (bet you didn’t know that, huh?) the creation starts in

our physical world

our minds but the way those ideas and thoughts manifest themselves in our world is through us by our ACTION in our physical world.

It is our responsibility to take action on the hunches, and our intuition in order to see our thoughts come alive.If we think constantly on a certain goal but fail to act on the impulses we have, we can’t say that we failed to reach our goal because of external reasons. WE were the ones that didn’t follow our intuition. WE were the ones who missed the opportunity. It’s our responsibility

It is also our responsibility to control the thoughts that we entertain in our mind. A positive and a negative thought can’t occupy the same place. Likewise, we can’t think two thoughts at the same time. On each given moment, we can only think one thought. Whether that thought is positive or negative, related to our goal or not, is entirely up to us. If we think idle thoughts, those that don’t move us closer to our goals, we miss the time to think of our goal, and what should be the next step, and we have no one to turn to but ourselves to think the right thoughts. It’s our responsibility.

Don’t be discouraged

What I’m trying to say is that please don’t make the same mistake I did in thinking that simply by visualizing you could change your life. Go out and act on those thoughts and feelings. Work hard and long until you hold in your arms what it is you thought about. Yes, creation is effortless, but changing the physical world to fit with our creation is not.

Listening to what your mentors say and intellectually understanding it is only half of the equation. Acting on that knowledge and instruction is what would really create the life you want.

I don’t want to discourage you and get you to think that your life is going to be filled with hard work. On the contrary. I just want to emphasize that creation involves two levels. The metaphysical one which is thought and feeling, and the physical one which is taking action on those thoughts and feelings. These are inseparable and are actually both fun in their way.

The really successful people know how to balance their time on both those levels, in order to achieve their goals. So let’s make sure that we give attention to both these aspects and don’t forget to think the right thoughts, and take action on them.

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