Law of attraction exercises

The key to any achievement in the world we live in is persistence through a plan. More than often, the plan at hand entails a set of events or a to-do list that is meant to steer you towards your desired outcome. Likewise, the concept of the law of attraction exercises is an important aspect for people trying to see the world in different shades.

In a previous post, we have talked about the Law of attraction, which always work. As a matter of fact, it’s working right now and bringing something into your life. Once we understand that, the trick comes down to working with this great law and attract the things we want in our lives.

But how do we do that?

Glad you asked. Below are a few exercises that can help you use the Law of attraction the way it’s meant to be used. It’s important to remember that these exercises alone won’t manifest the things you want just like that.

The best way to use each exercise is to follow the guidelines, be persistent, and take action. It’s not enough to imagine and feel the way you want your life to be, in order to make the things you want in your life appear in your life, you would need to take action on the thoughts and hunches that would come to you once you start to follow the exercise.


So le’ts start, shall we?

1. Feel the way you want to feel

Feelings are vibrations that we send out to the universe. The universe receives them as a ping and we get back the things we felt we need to have in return. The way this exercise works with the law of attraction might be a little bit confusing. Most people believe that the feelings you send out are supposed to be a request. On the contrary, your feelings should mirror what you want and should be as if you already received it. That brand new car you want should be a feeling you send to the universe.

When you feel the way you want to feel, this vibration instantly attracts to it other things which are in harmonious vibration with that feeling. They key here is not to feel like you want the car, rather feel like you already own the car.

My mom once told me how my father got his first car; he bought a key to a car he wanted and kept it in his wallet. It was barely a year after and he was driving that car.

Once you believe the feelings you feel, your wants and desires will materialize and even your approach to every issue will be different.

2. Create a mental movie of the things you want

Make a mental movie of a perfect day when you wake up in the morning. Replay it in your head multiple times as you get ready and feel it starting and becoming a reality. The law of attraction works like a springboard in this instance to manifest those thoughts and feelings into reality.

The more you replay this movie in your mind, the better. Do this until you can hear, smell taste and touch everything on your perfect day.

The perfect day does not just come to us. Whether working or relaxing or a day out with your loved ones, we have to plan it. With the law of attraction, planning is not enough on its own, you have to play it in your head like a movie. The manifestation of your desires and how you would wish your day would look like becomes clearer when you can already see that day in your head like a movie.

3. Write a goal card

Write down a specific goal with the date you plan to achieve it by. The reason for writing down what you want is to invoke the wonderful power of manifestation.If you are not sure how to write a goal card, you can read this post which can help out.

After you have the goal card ready, carry it with you wherever you go, and read it as much as possible. Every time you read it feel as if you already achieved the goal. This will put you on the vibration you want to be, and attract to you the things required to the fulfillment of your goal.

It takes time for things to start to change. So keep reading the things you want until the principle of autosuggestion kicks in. Pretty soon you will start believing that the goal you have in mind is achievable.

Jim Carrey has a great story on how he used this technique to help him visualize 10,000,000$ for acting services rendered before he had anything. In this story, his goal card was an actual check that he wrote to himself. He shares this on the Oprah show, which you can see below (from minute 1:51):

4. Draw a goal sun

This exercise helped me achieve my current high-tech working place. All you need is a pen and paper to do this one.

What you do is draw a circle. In that circle, you write the thing you want to have. If its a new job write down “my job” if its a partner you seek write down “my girlfriend/husband/wife” etc. if its a new home write down “my home”. Whatever it is, write it down in the circle.

From that circle, draw lines like you might have drawn a sun when you were a kid. At the end of each of these lines, write down one quality you want your goal to have. So if its a new partner, you could write “tall” on one line, and “success conscious” on the other, and “happy’ on a third one. Write as many lines as you want.

After you have your sun complete, go over it every day. Each day focus on a different aspect of the sun and FEEL how it would feel like when that aspect would manifest. So if its a partner, feel how it would be to go out with him and he is happy, or imagine how it would be spending time with him and he is tall.

After I got my new job using this exercise, I came back to the goal sun I have written just to check how much of the things I wrote down does the new job really has. I was amazed by the fact that the job has everything I wrote down. Even things I didn’t quite remember I wrote down, were things I experience with the new position.

You can see the goal sun I have used below:

I have first learned this exercise From bob Proctor’s excellent self-development program “six minutes to success“. Which you can read my review on it here. It has so many additional great ideas, and it’s a program that changed my life in so many ways.

So to sum it all up – believing in what you ask for and putting some effort towards it after asking is what makes it happen.  Ask, believe, act, and repeat, that’s the principle. If you only choose one exercise, and persist in performing it, and act upon the thoughts that cross your mind, You will be seeing things start to change in your life in no time.

14 thoughts on “Law of attraction exercises

  1. Hi,

    I totally agree with you. Positive attitude is not the only thing needed to achieve our goals. The actions are the things which make it in the end. On the other hand the feelings help us to take the right actions and should make our path to success way more easier.

    • ido

      Yep. the feelings are there to let us know if we are on the right path for us, and if we are aligned with what we think. If it “feels” right, it probably is.

  2. I could not agree with you more on the fact that we have to attract things we want in our lives. The law of attraction is real and works.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for this great post. We definitely need to be reminded that its all about the right mindset and attitude. I will try to continue with your exercise everyday! I like your goal sun, its put your goals in perspective. I have a quick question for you. How can someone who is struggling and going through tough times, stay motivated and even use the law of attraction?

    • ido

      Excellent question.
      The law of attraction always work. The more we think about things, the more we will experience them in our lives.
      So if someone is having a hard time, the best way to keep the positive thoughts is to write down the goal that person wants to achieve, and describe in as many details as possible what it would be like to have this goal. What would the feelings be? How will the people around react? How will the world seem different?

      After that is written down, read this every day, if it’s possible even a few times a day, and just get involved with the feelings and sensations that come up when you read.

      This will get you feeling better, and would also bring the goal to the conscious mind, so you could focus on it.

      Besides, it will make you feel better, so there’s nothing to loose 🙂

  4. What a fantastic exercise! I often picture what I want and then work hard towards it but I never thought about visualizing it happening to make it seem more real! I’m going to practice this every day 😉 Its is quite a good motivation tool when you think about how much you really, really want something. Like for example my own motivation is -getting my own dog.

    • ido

      That’s excellent!
      So in order to make your goal a reality start making the image of the dog more real.
      What color is your dog? What size? How is he called? Does he have spots? How are you playing together? How does his barking sound?
      Start engaging your mind and create the image you want.
      You could even buy a collar and keep it in your bag to make it more real. The more you live it, the sooner it will manifest in your world.

  5. David

    I love all of your suggestions, I am starting to coach an underage soccer team myself and I came across your site, great read and very helpful – thank you

    • ido

      Thanks, David! Happy to hear that!
      If you have any further questions, please let me know.

  6. Very informative post. I am familiar with the first three methods you mentioned but number 4 is new for me. Thanks for sharing.

    • ido

      The goal sun was something I picked up in Bob proctor’s “six minutes to success” which is an awesome personal development program. The ideas which are shared there are affecting my life even now, a year and a half after I started participating. Highly recommended.

  7. Thank you! it’s a great website with very specific to-dos and directives. It’s friendly, comprehensive and welcoming. I like the photo in back ground too.

    • ido

      Thank you for the kind words. Hope it helped you, and would help you in the future.

  8. I think we all need to read this form time to time:) Thanks for sharing such useful tips!

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