Linda Fosse

Linda FosseName: Linda Fosse
Operating country: Norway
Main Coaching Fields: Inspirational Coaching
Notes: Holds also seminars and webinars


A bit about Linda

Let me start off by saying that it’s a privilege to have Linda on my site. She and I are both part of a great community which is called Wealthy Affiliate, which helped (and still is helping) me bring this site to life.

Linda lives in Norway on an organic farm with her spouse and two daughters. On the farm, they exhibit wonderful chainsaw art that her husband creates. They even offer accommodation, if you are interested in checking out the west coast of Norway.  Besides being an inspirational coach, she also performs as a singer and an actress. You can check her shows on the farm, as well.

Linda is a role model on how to live your passion. She started working in sales but felt unsatisfied. In her own words:

I felt this need to do something more. Something that my soul longed for

So she did!

She quit her sales job and decided to follow her dream to express herself. She started acting and singing. You can see her singing below in a clip that appeared on national Norway television.

In addition to her performing abilities, Linda decided to help others follow their dreams and express their passion, and so she decided to start coaching people.


As Linda is also a skilled performer, besides her coaching career, she also performs on her farm. The main offerings Linda has in the coaching field are:

  • one-on-one coaching
  • ‘When if not now’ seminars

In addition to those, she is currently working on a life changing webinar, so people from all over the world would have the opportunity to manifest their passion. As soon as it is open, I would update the post with the details.

The coaching programs Linda offers are personal programs, as oppose to meetings. You get a one-on-one meeting, where Linda listens and helps drawing the best out of you, so you can really enjoy the life that you were meant to enjoy.

These meetings can either be face-to-face meetings, or if you prefer, or unable to reach her physically, can be done online at your convenience.

Although Linda specializes in changing the course of one’s life, she can coach in other areas as well like life coaching.

When if not now?

The ‘When if not now?‘ seminar is the kind of things that would get you jump start in the right direction. It is intended for people who feel out of sync, or not quite in the flow of life, and knows that they want to change, and do something meaningful with their lives, but are unable to take that first move towards their purpose.

who do you listen to?

The Seminar is about the two voices each of us has, that keeps nagging us every time that we need to make a decision which concerns our lives. The first one is that inner voice that believes in us and keeps pushing us further and further to our goals. You can often hear him say: “Yes!!! Go for it! You are good enough! Go, Go, GO!”. The other voice is that nagging tone which keeps brooding over everything and constantly thinks what others would have to say about the way you behave, and the choices you make. You can often hear him say: “Hello! Stop. You are going to make a fool out of yourself. What do you think your friends and neighbors will say?”.

I’m sure you all encountered these two. Linda is here to make you understand them better, and explain what is the purpose of each, and when is best to listen to each one.

The seminars are conducted over the weekend from Friday to Sunday on Linda’s farm. The participants Sleep on the farm and have regular meetings and coaching sessions with Linda. A week after the seminar, each participant then has another coaching session with Linda (not necessarily on the farm) where he can decide if he wants to continue his coaching for 3 months, 6 months or a whole year.

Don’t hesitate to try the seminar

As I said earlier, Linda and I are part of the same online community. From my interactions with Linda, I can tell you that finding a person so enthusiastic, so passionate and so positive is not something you come across every day. These are all qualities that a good coach must possess, in order to transfer the surge of life to its client, and with someone like Linda coaching you, you can’t go wrong.

 I always suggest speaking with your candidate coach before deciding if he is the right coach for you and consider at least 3 coaches before choosing.

I try to keep all the information up to date, but if you see any error, or have any comment on the above, please let me know at

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