14 positive affirmations that would boost your self esteem

In the world we live in, it’s easy to feel hopeless and frustrated– especially if you’re surrounded by negative people and thoughts That shouldn’t be the case, there are a lot of positive affirmations for self-esteem that would help you realize you have potential– as long as you believe in yourself.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive, empowering statements that can help a person overcome negative thoughts and anxieties that prohibit him from reaching his goals. These words are capable of strengthening a person as it helps him believe in the potential of an action he wants to manifest or take place. Positive affirmations give a sense of reassurance that those wishful words won’t only make you better about yourself, but they can also turn into reality and when you start to believe these affirmations, it’s your belief that creates the reality around you.

Affirmations became one of the proven methods of self-improvement and self-confidence. They can rewire the brain the same way exercise does. The level of feel-good hormones increases every time you reaffirm yourself. If done on a regular basis, over time, positive affirmations would start to overwrite the negative beliefs that hinder a person from achieving his goals. These negative beliefs are replaced with positive ones that promote positivity, ambition, and self-confidence.

These statements can help in the process of visualization and can change the paradigm you currently hold. Once you change your paradigm your life will start to change as well.

Here are some of the great examples of positive affirmations that I encourage you to try:

1. I love myself!

If you want others to appreciate you, you should begin by appreciating yourself first, and what better way to do that than saying “I love myself” in front of the mirror every morning. Through this, you’ll be constantly reminding yourself how lovable you really are.

2. I’m beautiful the way I am

Never ever let anyone judge you or what you can do. If someone tells you that you’re not beautiful, smart, or anything negative, don’t let that bother you. Most of the time, these people just feel insecure about themselves, and so, they’re trying to find a flaw about you. What we’re trying to say is that those negative comments and criticisms should never put you down. Instead, they should be your stepping stone to be a better person.

3. Yes, I can!

Nothing is impossible in this world– even the word “impossible” can turn into “I’m possible,” and this is one of the best positive affirmation you can tell yourself. Why? These words instill strength, hope, and courage. Whenever you feel discouraged, constantly remind yourself that most successful people you know today didn’t give up. Instead, they learned how to defy all odds, and turn what seems to be impossible, into something possible.

4. I’m great!

Why? You don’t really have to answer why because you are! Convince yourself that you’re skillful, knowledgeable, and confident. Being great has a lot of meanings.

5. I amsuperman strong!

Whenever you are scared or fear something, say this to yourself in front of the mirror. Perhaps, you feel weak right now, but know that you are stronger than what you think.

In fact, if you’ll just focus and think about it, in every situation, you have the power to change the things for the better.

6. I am fabulous!

The more you say it, the more it will show. The time will come, you’ll be hearing this compliment from others as well.

7. TI am experiencing joy and happiness

It’s your choice if you’ll be happy or not– it’ all up to you. What I’m trying to say is that, if you’d learn to accept who you really are and that you can be happy with your life, then that’s what will happen.

8. I respect myself

If you want others to respect you, you have to learn how to respect yourself first. Likewise, self-respect projects trust and self-confidence– which would indicate that others would have a better perception of you.

9. I’m proud of myself

Whenever you do something extraordinary or something that you have never done before, be proud of that accomplishment! Though, keep in mind that being proud is different from being boastful and arrogant.

Yes, you can be proud of yourself and it’s a good thing, but always keep your feet on the ground no matter how successful you become.

10. I am important

As long as you learn to value yourself, others will value you as well. Perhaps, you’re saying that you’re not rich, talented, or beautiful. So what? These have nothing to do with value.

The fact that you’re in this world already implies that you’re valuable. You made a huge impact the moment you were born. Your parents wanted you to be alive. That only means one thing. YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

11. I am kind

Remember, beauty fades, but the values don’t. In today’s world, kindness is more important than beauty. However, aside from constantly telling yourself that you are kind, it would be better if you’d start practicing it as well.

Be a blessing to others.

12. It’s not the end of the world, tomorrow will be better

When times get rough, don’t let that stop you from hoping, dreaming, and believing. As long as you’re breathing, it’s not the end. You just have to accept that problems and challenges happen, and these would shape you
into a better person.

If you made mistakes, learn from them.

13. Everything will be okay in the end, if not, it’s NOT the sand-283407_1920end

This should be your affirmation whenever you’re facing difficulties. It also comes very useful when you have to deal with something you least expect.

14. I am blessed

Whenever you feel down, count your blessing instead of sheep. Life is beautiful. Think about what you should be thankful for. It can be your friends, family, job, anything.

Final Words

Being positive is important. Not only will it help you become more accomplished and successful in life, this would also allow you to help others feel the same.

Aside from these examples, do you have other positive affirmations that you’d love to share?

2 thoughts on “14 positive affirmations that would boost your self esteem

  1. Amy

    Ido, when I saw the calming background on your site, I immediately started to relax. The list of affirmations on the first page are engaging and want to explore your site further. You’ve already given me great ideas for treating myself better. I am looking forward to exploring your site further.

    • ido

      Thats great to hear Amy.

      Enjoy, and let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

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