This Six minutes to success review can improve your life

PRODUCT NAME: 6 minutes to success
OWNER/COACH: Bob Proctor
PRICE: $49.97/month for the basic membership and $99.97/month for the premium membership
REFUND: Yes. 60-day full money back guarantee
MAIN IDEA: each day you receive a new short video with a different inspiring idea and a task to perform.
WHO IS IT FOR: People who want to improve their life and don’t have any time to spare.

In this review, I’ll be covering the details of the program, and why I think its one of the best personal development programs I know.
By the end of the review, you will see why this program is right for you if you wish to experience more success in your life and improve your results, so I encourage you to continue to read.

This program offers an answer to the two most prominent problems involving success: how to do it, and finding the time to learn how to do it. It is designed to teach everyone what to do in order to succeed in any field they want to have improved results in, and on top of that, it does it while fitting into your already busy schedule.

Six minutes to success is the program that I decided to try when I first realized I had the desire to really fulfill myself. It is the first personal growth program I ever registered to, and to this point, I still think it is one of the best out there.


Take a look at your schedule. Can you fit in an hour into your schedule to learn the tools of success?

Most of the people would answer ‘No’ to that question, and that is very understandable. In our busy lives today. Most of us are busy doing things rather than just being so finding the time to learn something which doesn’t have an immediate effect, is probably not something we can afford to spend time on.

Now think about this question. Can you fit in 5 minutes in your schedule to learn the tools of success?6 minutes to succuess

I bet that the answer to this one would be “yes!”. That’s exactly what “six minutes to success” offers.

The program offers a new video each day. Each video is roughly 3-5 minutes and revolves around a single topic. The videos are presented by Bob Proctor or Sandy Gallagher, which together lead the “Proctor Gallagher institute“. There are more than 600 videos, which means that you are well equipped for the next 2 years to watch a new video each day.

The video topics are very wide and can range from learning a new word or reviewing a certain point in a book, up to giving advice as to how to manage your time better. At the end of each of the videos, you are being requested to use the new knowledge that the video discusses. For example, if the topic of the video is vocabulary, then the request might be to use the new words in a conversation the following day, or if the video discusses the principal of “burning down the ships“, then the request might be to invest 5 minutes in thinking if you are burning your ships, in order to commit yourself to your goal and ultimately your success.

Each one of these videos is another small piece of a much larger picture that ultimately explains how to get new and improved results in any field, and literally, outlines the tools for success.

What else?

The “six minutes to success” program has two membership levels available:

  1. Basic Membership at $49.97/month
  2. Premium Membership at $99.97/month

I can personally say that the value you receive from the program is well beyond both those amounts.

On both levels you will receive the following additional items:

  • Success Start-Up Kit – This kit consists of 4 videos which would get you in the right state of mind to really invest time and effort in the program.
  • You will have access to the members-only discussion area, where you can talk with other members about the featured video and exchange ideas as to how to implement them in your day to day
  • You will get the option to have the featured daily video in a transcript or MP3 format, that you can download and listen where ever you are

In addition to the above, the premium membership also offers:

  • All the 600+ videos neatly organized and searchable using a keyword search (This is much more useful than you might think. I’ve looked for videos countless of times).
  • Q&A with Bob! You will get access to a monthly Q&A webinar where you can send questions and have them answered by Bob. From personal experience, even if you don’t send any questions, just listening to those webinars can give deeper insight into the material, so these are also very recommended.

You also get a 60-day money back guarantee on all membership levels, so you have a full 2 months to decide if the program answers your expectations or not.


Pros and cons


  • Can be fitted into any schedule
  • Easy to follow – you get an email reminder each day with the new daily video
  • Perfectly safe to try – 60-day money back guarantee
  • Easy to understand the ideas
  • Webinars are excellent (on the premium membership)


  • The additional material besides the videos can be hard to follow and understand
  • If you watch too many videos together you might get confused
  • Not much difference between the basic and premium membership

In conclusion

I think this program is amazing because once you become a member you can immediately start, It’s easy to get involved with and it’s easy to keep following the videos on a daily basis.

The program refers to and explains about new and interesting books, it teaches simple tools that can help you be more productive on your day to day, and it shares life principals that are hidden in plain sight and can make all the difference between success and temporary defeat.

On top of that, it also deals with remarkable ideas that can really improve your life. These are not just words. I can list many areas of my life that were improved because of the program (you can even see a short list in the comments below).

How to join

I can honestly recommend this program. If you want more out of life, and not exactly sure what is the next step to take in order to have more, then THIS IS THE NEXT STEP!

Follow this link now to receive 3 free videos from 6 minutes to success

6 minutes to success

23 thoughts on “This Six minutes to success review can improve your life

  1. Chris


    Great Review and information here on six minutes to success.

    In think a lot of self help programsa are a little too time consuming so this one is definitely welcoming as it only requires a small portion of the day.

    A 60 day money back guarantee means that this program is legit and they are backing themselves in to be able to help.

    I appreciate your information.


  2. Hi, 6 minutes to success seems interesting and what are additional material besides videos? and what can I do to follow these easier?

    • ido

      Hi Furkan

      In addition to the daily video you receive:

        – Success Start-Up Kit – 4 videos which would get you in the right state of mind to really invest time and take action on what you learn.
        – Workbooks – these are meant to get you to answer questions that would inspire you to think of your life in accordance with what you learn
        – access to the member’s discussion area where you can speak with like-minded people, which is really fun!

      The program is actually very easy to follow. each day you receive a reminder to your mail as soon as the new video is ready to be viewed (this happens around 5am EST). If you want to make it easy to follow, I suggest that watch the movie on the same time every day, and really think how it relates to your life. I did this every night just before I went to sleep, and the next day I implemented what I was taught the previous day.

      I hope this answers your question.
      If not, let me know.


  3. Hi Ido,

    Thanks for this great review. I’ve always been inspired by Bob Proctor since coming across “The Secret”. Bob also does a lot of work with Mary Morrissey, founder of the Dream Builder Program, a program that I took in January this year and through that program I found my why and it’s changed my life!

    I can see that this program offers those same life changing solutions for anybody.

    Wishing you all the best on your life’s journey Ido 🙂

    • ido

      Hi Gaylene

      Thank you very much.

      Yes, Bob proctor is working with Mary Morrissey a lot. I follow her work as well. I heard about her Dream Builder program, and happy to hear you discovered more about yourself by using it!

      The ideas in the 6 minutes to success are definitely life changing. My life improved (and are still improving!) because I try to implement as much as I can from what I learn. I can honestly recommend to listen to the ideas and IMPLEMENT them. The program will not be worth it if you won’t follow through with the tasks that each day offers.

  4. Nnamdi

    Hello Ido, from your write up I understand that 6 Minutes to Success is a program that helps one to develop himself and achieve whatever it is he desires to achieve. I found it intriguing though but I can’t understand how that is going to translate to ”success”. Are the tasks to be performed geared toward setting up something that will make you money or successful? $50 and $100 can be a lot of money to some people therefore, I will like to know how much I will be getting aside from developing myself?


    • ido

      Hi Nnamdi,

      Excellent question!

      One of the key factors of success and business is the mindset And the way to build a mindset is to repeatedly listen and integrate positive ideas with your behavior.

      What you learn in the 6 minutes to success program is how to be a better person than you are now. How to think more positive in order to attract success and act successfully.
      It also gives you practical tools as to how to change your current thoughts and mindset to thinking in the direction you want to go.
      On top of that you can learn:

      • What is money, and how to make more of it
      • Why sucess is something that everyone can achieve if they know how
      • New words to help you expand your vocbulary and improve your life
      • How to achieve everything you want
      • Why is it important to be rich
      • The laws of the univerese

      And really so much more. There are more than 600 videos, each one with a different idea.

      How much increase in your wealth is totally up to you. If you realize that you can achieve everything you desire, and if you realize the one responsible for making you more money is only you, and that you need to work in order to have more money, then the sky is really the limit.

      I have increased my income by 30% by merely using the ideas taught in the program.

      I hope that answers your questions.
      If you still have any doubts, let me know.


  5. Chris

    I have a mate that swears by the personal development programs but I’ve never really got into them before. I took more notice recently becasue (my mate) has been seeing quite a bit of success and I’ interested to know how these things have helped him. This was a great review on a product I discovered in a forum – very interesting stuff I will look into further (thanks for sharing)

    • ido

      Glad I could help.

      I can tell you from personal experience that the ideas in the program are more than worth the cost of the program. I experienced tremendous success (You can read a few of my results in the comments above), and today, a year and a half after I finished the program, the ideas still resonate with me.

  6. Jose

    I’ve heard about Bob Proctor’s six minutes to success before but I haven’t really dived deep into it until now. It seems interesting to me and I might be willing to give it a shot. Bob Proctor is a legend and I’m 100% sure the program offers immense value. One question tho,
    How has your live changed from before and after joining the program? Cheers

    • ido

      Excellent question!

      The primary thing the program does is expose you to new ideas. If you take action on the things you learn, you can and will change your life. Now you probably heard that before many times, so here are a few concrete aspects of my life that were improved based on what I learned in the program:

      – My relationship with my wife is better. We get along better, and it’s because I changed the way I think towards things
      – My relationship with my boss improved. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I actually feel he respects me more.
      – I get more things done during the day.
      – I perform better at work. I actually get my employees to do more things. This alone was worth the money spent.
      – I read more books, and they are more interesting than the ones I used to read 🙂
      – I can read people better. That’s not to say I can read their mind or anything, but I can definitely sense their attitude and things that are not said in the conversation. This is because I trained myself in improving my intuition, through ideas from the program.

      These are just some of the highlights.
      In my opinion, the fact that my wife and I get along better, and the fact that my employees perform better at their daily tasks, was well worth the money spent on the program.

  7. Joeka

    Interesting article on being successful. You have a beautiful website there! It was a great idea to focus on something different; as you said that you usually review a specific coach.

    The article would have been more convincing if you had included some of the reasons why Bob Proctor is one of your inspirations. You also spent a lot of time leading up to the product and not enough time explaining why the Six Minutes to Success is so great. Also, there were a few grammatical errors.

    Keep Smiling!

    • ido

      Thanks for comments and information!

      Will take them into consideration.

  8. Todd

    I know of Bob Proctor from his The Secret YouTube videos, and I even recall hearing about him years ago in college. I believe in the law of attraction and his videos in the past have really been of value to me.

    I think the Six Minutes to Success program could be really valuable to those who use the excuse of not having enough time in the day to dedicate to changing how they think and believe.

    Seems people are more stubborn and really need to reach out to a program and take a look at what they can achieve in life versus going along and repeating the same mistakes.

    Is there an trail period and/or is it easy to get out of the monthly program after a few months?


    • ido

      I’m glad you heard of Bob proctor and his teachings. I think that what he teaches can change anybody’s life, if he chooses to do so. I know it changed my perspective on it, and improved it immensely.

      It seems that I left out of the review the fact that there is a 60 day money back guarantee that if the program does not answer your expectations, it’s possible to receive a full refund. After those 60 days, it’s possible to cancel the subscription at any given month – if you chose the monthly subscription.

  9. Hannah

    Hey Ido.

    I really enjoyed reading this review of 6 Minutes to Success. Bob Proctor has always been a huge inspiration of mine. Thanks for sharing this program with us, I shall invest in this some time in the not too distant future.

    this review was so brilliant I might have to go and read some more of your work!


    • ido

      Always a pleasure hearing these words.
      I really think that the best time to start something you are thinking of doing is NOW. Dont hesitate. You know deep inside what you want to do – just do it.
      You can enroll in the program and get a full refund within 30 days, so you have a whole month to reconsider.

  10. hi Ido!
    I cannot say that I had heard of the Six minutes to success program. But for some reason the name Bob Proctor is familiar to me. I just cannot place where I heard it before. That being said, the program does seem like a good one. As you said, most people do not have an hour daily to dedicate (I know I don’t) but they have 5 minutes. And the fact that the information can be presented in a video is a plus. However, personally I do not think I would want to pay almost $50 a month for it. But that’s just me. I would pay the fee once but not every month. Maybe I need to learn more about the program to fully understand why the membership is worth it.

    • ido

      Hi Emily,
      Bob Proctor is one of the biggest names in the self-help field, and is considered to be a top notch speaker in the success field. He is currently heading the Proctor Gallagher institute.
      I agree that the amount the program costs might see a bit high when you think that all you receive is just a daily video, but after applying the ideas (not even all of them, just those i related to) from those videos, I can honestly say that what I received from the program far exceeds those 50$ per month.
      In addition, there is an option to receive a full refund in the first 30 days from subscribing, so you can really appreciate if this helps you or not.

  11. Hey Ido,

    I love Bob Proctor and I love your review. The details you shared about the program show that you’re really a member. This IS one of the best self-help programs I know of.

    • ido

      Thanks for the feedback.
      this program really changed my view on life, and I rreally believe it can do the same for everyone who decides to make the (small) investment of time and money into this one.

  12. I love Bob Proctor! I have been following him since I saw “The Secret” back in 2010. His products are dead on and would recommend ‘6 minutes to success’ to anyone wanting to improve themselves.

    • ido

      I agree completely.
      “6 minutes” was the first program i took part in, and since then i tried several other products Bob offers, and i enjoyed each one.

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