Super useful tips to improve living from the inside out

As human beings, our existence often revolves around two domains; our inside world and our outside realm. The outside world is your immediate environment including your neighborhood, car, house, spouse, job, colleagues etc. These are the things/people who compliment your inner world – in this case – your mind, soul, and body. All through our entire lives, right from birth to early adulthood, the outside world shapes and molds us to become individuals of certain unique physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities. It’s only until later during our late teenage years and early 20s that we begin to have a vague understanding of the exact stuff we are made of. That’s when most people grasp the concept of living from the inside out and it’s powerful potential if fully implemented.

Unfortunately, by then, the outside world will often have conditioned and forged us in adopting certain paradigms. A typical sign of this is the perpetual lack of self-esteem, self-confidence, and naivety that characterizes teenagers and young adults. But how can you beat this? How can realize your true greatness by embracing living starting from inside and blooming to the outside? Here is a quick overview of some useful tips that could come in handy as far as breaking the outside world conditioning goes.

1. Develop Your Mind

It is surprising how almost each of one of us in 2017 has a social media account of some sort – be it Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat – but very few of us have cultivated a healthy reading culture. In other words, we are allowing the outside world ( through the media, TV, newspapers etc ) to impart lifestyle ideas of us instead of the other way round. The result is the mass brainwashing, despair, self-hate, and adoption of an unhealthy consumerism culture that has been the highlight of the past decade.

For instance, most of us no longer buy things because we really need or have much use

Read books on vacations

for them. Rather we would rather spend thousands of dollars acquiring luxury items that we can barely afford just to simply ‘fit in’ or ‘look cool’ among our peers. The good news, fortunately, is that you can break free from this circle by taking the time to develop your mind and gain a higher perspective than the obvious. Travel every once in a while, read self-improvement books, meditate often and spend some ‘alone time’. This way, you can have a very clear understanding of exactly who you are. Which is, of course, the first step of living from the inside out.


2. Set Definite Goals and Develop a Time Frame to Achieve Them

A good chunk of us goes through life without having the chance to savor the greatness of our true potential simply because we rely on external gratification rather than self-applause. At school, we let our friends or teachers dictate to us the extent of our abilities and talents. At work, we unknowingly allow our manager to set the acceptable standards of quality, discipline and, as a consequence, achievement.

Nonetheless, it is possible to break the chains of such mental slavery by having a list of your own personal, time-specific, and practical goals at any given moment. That means that you won’t be living just for the sake other people and later dying without ever leaving your mark in the sands of time. You will no longer be just a part of someone’s grand dream. So start small, dream big, and dare the impossible. You will be surprised by just how much you can do if you set your mind to it.

3. Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly

My favorite sport

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It is impossible to feel good or even look good if you are unhealthy or obese. Eating

healthy, losing those unnecessary inches around the belly, and engaging in your favorite physical activity sets a valuable precedent for success in all other spheres of life. For example, instead of waiting for the world to dictate what you should or shouldn’t it, take the power back by deciding exactly what to include in your diet. And this should be based on what you intend on achieving – whether it is nurturing your body’s immunity or shedding a few pounds.

4. Set Personal Rules and Strive to Follow Them Regardless

Being disciplined is not simply a matter of living up to the social expectations or abiding by the law blindly. But more importantly, self-discipline is more of living up to your own personal expectations developed through self-reflection and deep understanding of oneself. This way, you don’t need anyone to get you back on the right track whenever you veer off the righteous path. Instead, your moral compass will steer you back to your pre-determined principals before you stray further off course.

5. Hang Around People Who Have the Similar Ambitions and Share Common Goals

It was Jim Rohn who said:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

In other words, regardless of our innate principals, ambition, goals, skills, objectives, we risk losing all these if we hang out with the wrong crowd. That said, having a strong sense of self-realization is best fortified, guarded, and implemented by surrounding yourself with people who are mini-representatives of the ideals that you stand for. Ultimately, this is actually the first step of growing outside after identifying what exactly you stand for inside.

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The Bottom Line

Living inside out is more of a process of defining yourself than discovering yourself. It is a series of actions and personal rituals aimed at helping you achieve a sense of inner well-being and mental balance. This way, your sense of self-worth is not defined by external things such as your monetary success, scarcity, and abundance. Rather, you are more focused inwards and more controlled in the way you respond to circumstances, events, and people.

The importance of living from the inside out stems from the fact that as human beings, we have the mental strength of creating our unique outside world. In other words, it is possible to create our reality by shunning the bad and attracting the good in our lives. We are the authors of our own destinies, and starting the progress from the inside out is the first step to conquering our immediate environment.

4 thoughts on “Super useful tips to improve living from the inside out

  1. NemiraB

    Hello here. Thanks for reminding universal truth that when we are balanced inside as human beings we can accomplish mostly everything. We do not care that others do because we are occupied with our thoughts and dreams. We do not compete, we create.
    You did not mentioned meditation here. Did I skip it?
    This ancient technique is the best invention for humankind. People who cultivate meditation reached more in their lives compare with others( it is my assumption).
    Self improvement books and mentors can help immensely to us too.
    All the best, Nemira.

    • ido

      As a matter of fact I didn’t mention meditation here. I do believe its a tool that helps us stay focused and connected with ourselves. Definitely fits the list.

  2. Ryan

    A lot of people don’t understand the importance of taking care of your mind and I’m glad you’ve brought it up. I’ll often take time out of my day just to think about stuff and contemplate what I’ve done and what I plane to do.
    It helps me to shake off the dust and begin what I’m trying next in as fresh a mind state as possible. How important do rate the mind in comparison to body and soul?

    • ido

      Well if you take all of our aspects as human beings which are mind body and soul, there isn’t any one which rates higher or is more important. All of them are equally important to nourish and take care of.

      Wanting to do good for our fellow man might nourish the soul, but being over altruistic and forgetting to take care of ourselves will only harm us in the long run.

      Living for the pleasures of the mind and intellect alone would mean that you are depriving yourself of the physical goods that this world has to offer, which just brings the feeling of lack and limitation into your life.

      And living for the pleasures of the body and forgetting everything else is something that many people do nowadays, and doesn’t bring real joy to their life.

      A joyful, complete life is one that has all of these aspects taken care of and expressed.

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