Take action to change your life for the better

On my way to Paris this last weekend, I took with me a book to pass the time on the plane. That book was “The science of getting rich” by Wallace Wattles. I keep reading it from time to time to remind me of the principles of life, and how life works. If you are not familiar with the book, it’s enough to say that it’s a short book, that sums up the method of attracting riches (in the book riches mean physical things, but it can be used in a broader way)

One thing that popped to mind this time was the fact that an entire chapter is dedicated to taking action. Specifically what wattles say is

“By thought, the thing you want is brought to you. By action, you recieve it”

This is a point that is easily missed (it was so for me). It’s not enough to visualize, feel like you would feel and constantly think about what you want. In order to receive what it is you wish for, it’s imperative to ACT towards getting it.

The mind – one side of the equation

In the past two years, I have been studying thoroughly the principles of life. I have had a feeling all my life that achieving greatness, happiness and wealth can be done by applying certain rules and following principles. Luckily for me, I was right.

This world that we live in has laws that can’t be changed. Gravity, the laws of physic, E=MC^2 and other lawsA law of the universe, are all here and widely accepted. However, there are other laws as well. These laws and techniques, if we follow them, will help us create the life we want

So I began to look for the people with the knowledge and found myself delving into subjects like the law of attraction, visualizing and other techniques that can be used to create the image of what it is we want in the hopes of reaching my goals (this blog is a product of that study). However I have missed one important ingredient in order to create the life I wish for myself, and that is Action

Action – the other side of the equation

You see up until now I only learned about one side of the equation. Sure it’s crucial that we have a goal in mind. It’s imperative that it will be well defined and that we have an image of it. It’s important that we think about it constantly and take care of our motivation and desire and keep both alive through the long haul of realizing it, but all of this would mean nothing if we don’t act.

When we take care of the mental side of our life, we really only looking into one aspect of it. We live in a physical world, that has physical things. In order to change the outcome and situation in our physical environment, we need to be acting in the physical world as well.

Whether it’s writing the post, making the call or doing something else that you know needs to be done in order to advance your goal, it’s important to take that action!

That could sound simplistic, after all, if I know the action would get me closer to my goal, then why wouldn’t I take it, you might ask yourself. But there are a million reasons that actions are not being taken. Life has a tendency to get in the cracks and prevent us from doing what it is we want to be doing.  I’m sure you could name a few things you ought to have been doing and have postponed them for perfectly legitimate reasons.

When we act we bring the image we have in our mind to reality. We perform the actions we have planned, and as we go about doing them we release energy onto the idea or dream that we are building. By doing so we create that dream and build it piece by piece. And the more we do, the more energy we put out, and the more good we receive (the same good we have previously imagined).

Taking action on our dreams is so important that even Tonny robbins, in his RPM method lists one of the crucial parts of the success of the program as having a “massive action plan”.

A bit different

This post was a bit different than the other posts in the blog. I usually try to have some actionable takeaways for you to do in order to further your personal development. This time there are no such takeaways.

The reason for that is that the takeaway from this post is the insight of how much acting is important for our self-actualization and personal development. If all we do is sit, visualize and plan, then we are mere dreamers, But if we add action to our dreams, then we are practical dreamers and will see our dream take shape in reality.


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