The 4 hour work week review

Running and maintaining a blog is not a simple task. This is something I’m getting more and more familiar with as this blog progresses. has many purposes. Its main purpose is to let you know of principles in self-development so you could learn and apply them. It also satisfies my desire to write and share my knowledge with others. Last but not least it is my hope that I would be able to supply enough value so that would also become a major source of income. This is so I could indeed spend more of time LIVING rather than working for someone else.

This is not a simple task, and it becomes more apparent the further the blog (and I) evoIve.  Ever since I started there were some difficult times that makes doubt inevitable. That is exactly why I like to read books like Tim Ferriss’ “the 4 hour work week“. Once you see how other people have achieved what you are looking for, inspiration is soon to follow, and the motivation level is recharged. This is exactly what I experienced with this book.

In a nutshell, “The 4-hour workweek” is a complete guide on how to build a business that is very lucrative, yet takes up very little of your time. Note that this is just a means to end, and the main reason for wanting to construct such a business is because of the desire to design your own lifestyle and not fall for the lifestyle which almost 95% of the population choose which is the 9-5 work in which we exchange time for money.

The book’s main idea

The book speaks about how to join what Tim refers to as the “New Rich” (NR) these are people who live a rich lifestyle. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have millions in the bank. Rich could (and does) mean that they have the time, the resources and the freedom to pursue their life the way they want to. These sort of people can be a digital nomad who earns money to travel the world. A mom who wants to spend more time with her kids but still progress in her career or someone who simply wants to cut back on his work hours while still retain the same income (or job) and use that time differently.

Whatever the reason you are looking for to change your current lifestyle, the book is a complete guide on how to do so. Tim shares his personal path that took him from an employee, who worked too much and switched jobs frequently due to boredom, to a globe-trotting, NR person who goes on mini-retirements across the globe, experience the world the way he chooses to, and spends a small portion of his time maintaining his cash flow.

Tim details the entire process in a system which is divided into 4 parts, acronymized 4 hour workweekDEAL:

  1. D is for Definition – Where the rules of the game are set, and Tim explains what is the difference between the NR and the Deferrers (Those who defer living to the end of the years of our life in what we call retirement)
  2. E is for Elimination – where the book shows how to eliminate the needless, useless work and things that we have in our life, which we are sure we can’t live without, but actually live less when we have them.
  3. A is for automation – In which the book explains in details how to construct a business that is automated and requires supervision, but not a lifetime of servitude
  4. L is for Liberation – Where we learn how to add more life once we subtract work. After years of working for works’ sake, it’s less easy than expected. Also, the part talks about how to be free of the job, and free of constraining ideas that deferrers usually have

What can you learn from the book

Besides the main theme of the book, what I really love is that it packs so many mind-expanding ideas and insights that even if you don’t agree with the lifestyle suggested or whether you’re holding on to doubt if the ordinary man can pull this off, by reading the book, you are bound to get something out of it.

There are so many new concepts to learn and adopt (if you wish to) that simply reading the book for pleasure would leave you with the desire to try some of them out on your life and see the results.

Some of these concepts are:

  • How to read 10X faster (This is something I’m currently experimenting with and will share the results later on)
  • How to negotiate and get what you want out of the negotiations
  • How to get flight tickets with a 70% discount
  • How get more advertising value for each advertising dollar
  • How to use the 80/20 rule (AKA Pareto’s rule) to improve your life or business in many areas
  • And also a ton of resources that explain how to outsource, hire, save, profit, contribute and enhance life in oh-so-many ways.

What’s in it for me?

So you might be asking yourself, what’s in the book for me? I’ve started out this post by saying how the book had inspired me. This is true, but it might not be relevant to you, as it might not be the thing that inspires you. If that’s the case I can honestly say that this book holds so many practical tools, and exercises that if inspiration does not happen when you read it, I’m sure that it would still be well worth its time and money spent.

The book sold more the 1.3M copies, and spent 4 years on the new york time best sellers list, not because it promises a dream and does nothing, but because it packs so many insights and value that no matter why you read it, its bound to have a certain impact on your life.

You can get it on Amazon, by clicking on the image below and if there is only one book you read this year, make sure you read this one.

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