Everything you wanted to know about the benefits of having a life coach and were afraid to ask

I want to let you in on a little secret. Most successful people are using the services of a coach. A coach helps you achieve the goals you want much faster and helps you grow in the process.

According to the ICF 99% (!) of people and companies who use the services of a coach are satisfied with the experience. If you go to any self-help gurus like Brian Tracy or Tony Robbins, you will get the same advice, which is to hire someone to be in your corner.

So what are the benefits of having a life coach?

All though I touched this subject a bit in a different post, I felt as though the added value of having a life coach did not really stand out, so I decided to make it a bit clearer as to what is it that a life coach adds to your life.

Gaining clarity

A coach can give you a different perspective on your life. He can help you understand your current position better, and give order and clarity to your thoughts. To know where you want to get, you must first understand where you are.

Imagine that you want to reach London. The way to London will be completely different if you start from New York or from Madrid.  Many people don’t give much thought to the place that they are currently in. A coach can give that all needed view at your current starting point, and get you moving forward.

Keeping accountabilityBeing on your corner

Having a coach is having someone at your own corner, someone that has your interests at
heart. A coach makes you accountable towards someone else other than yourself. When you need to answer to someone who is not yourself, your standards are raised, and you operate on a higher level.

Most of us know what we need to do, but we don’t act on what we know. By making you accountable for your own actions, a coach gets you to do the things you already know you need to do but neglected or procrastinated from.

Improving confidence and self-image

It’s no secret that having self-confidence is essential for living successfully. Most of us don’t give ourselves enough credit for the things we do. We also limit ourselves and hold ourselves back because we don’t trust ourselves enough, and believe we can do it.

A coach will help you see yourself in a different way. He would show you your real worth and show you the things you are truly capable of. When you don’t believe in yourself, your coach will, and it will make you realize you can achieve much more.

Setting and achieving goals faster

People are divided into two main groups:

  1. Those who have goals
  2. Those who do not

A coach can help in either scenario. If you belong to the first group, then you and your coach will work together to achieve the goals you set, which will reduce the time you reach those goals, compared to having to do it by yourself. If you belong to the second group, then a coach can help identify the things you want to achieve in your life, and help you achieve them.

Implementing your strengths

After we have set our goals, we need to know how to reach them. A coach can help in this area as well, as it has an “outside view” of your life. A coach can help bridge the gap between theory, and practice in your life. The coach will be taking into consideration the unique skill set you have to achieve the goals you set, which will result in reaching the goal faster.

Keeping the motivation running

Even when we set the perfect goals, and start taking action on reaching them, we sometimes run out of energy to continue with the same enthusiasm that we first started with. Most people find it difficult to re-invigorate themselves and keep the level of motivation constant for a long period of time, which is vital for big goals.

This is exactly the point where a coach can pick you up, and get you going again.

A coach will remind you why you set the goals in the first place, and will reflect all that was achieved so far – and basically will inject new energy into your life, and the goal.

Return balance to your lifemonkey balancing

Balance is important in our lives. When we go out of balance, we start to feel that something is not going exactly right in our life. If we are out of balance for a long period of time, it might even start getting frustrating and impact other areas of our lives.

Whether it’s the work-life balance that most of us feel we’ve lost or a balance in a different area of your life, a coach can restore the balance you want. The equilibrium for each person is unique, and reaching that point of balance might prove difficult to people. The coach has the opportunity to look at your life from the outside, and help you regain the balance that might have been lost, by discovering together with you where is that point exactly, and what do you need to do to reach it.


These are just a few of the immediate benefits that a life coach has on your life. There are much more, and it can change depending on the person and the coach.

I know that a world where people are passionate, happy and live a meaningful life is a better world to live in. I would love to help you reach your goals, and live a fulfilled life. Contact me and let’s see how we can work together to make your life fulfilling


3 thoughts on “Everything you wanted to know about the benefits of having a life coach and were afraid to ask

  1. Michelle

    Hey Ido

    I believe each person must have a life coach. I am a Human Resources Manager and believe that each employee needs a coach.

    I love Tony Robbins and have listen to him a few times. He is very inspirational.

    Thank you.

  2. Hindy Pearson

    Lots of great reasons to have a coach. It’s one thing to “know” what you want to do, or what the next step to take is, but having a personal coach to work one on one with brings it to a whole new level. Being accountable, setting real achievable goals together, rather than writing them on a piece of paper and maybe, or maybe not, taking them seriously. Imagine speaking to someone on a regular basis, checking on your progress, keeping you motivated and on track, someone to brainstorm with… How could you not succeed!

    • ido

      Someone said that having a life coach is like putting yourself on the fast lane of life.
      All the great athletes and sports players have a coach since they know that they can improve their skills much faster when someone is dedicated to help them improve. The same goes for life. After all, it’s just a big (and important) game, so why not use a coach as well?

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