The labrador theory

Let’s talk about guide dogs. Their common name is “seeing eye dogs” but these are basically trained dogs which guide blind and vision impaired people around.These dogs are smart, friendly and easily trained, and are doing their guiding job excellently. The most common breeds for these types of dogs are Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and German Shepherds. Today I want to share my Labrador theory which takes its name from one of the most common guide dogs breeds. By the end of the post, you’ll know why It’s sad seeing these dogs, how it is directly related to your life and what you can learn from them. So keep reading.

Why it’s really sad to see guide dogs

When was the last time you looked at one of these dogs, I mean really looked at him? not just watching the dog doing his job excellently, but really observed how he carries himself, and how he is feeling? I can bet that the answer to this question would almost certainly be never.

Well, I have. As a matter of fact, I do it every time I see a guide dog. And every time I see one, I get sad. I get sad because I can see the sadness in their eyes. I can feel how they were rather be playing outside, chasing balls, cats, and cars rather than doing what they do. I can see how they carry their tail around a bit lower than a usual dog would (indicating that they are less happy) doing an important job which doesn’t really fit with their true nature, and that’s sad.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that their role isn’t important and that there is a better way. As a matter of fact as far as ideas go, I think this is a great idea the human race has come up with. It’s just that every time I see a guide dog I get a pinch in my heart from feeling this playful creature looking so sad. If you look deep in its eyes you could almost see him beg for you to run with him a bit, and play.

So I started wondering, why are these dogs so sad? They are treated well, have an easy life and are doing an important job. Why should they look at us in such a sad way?

Enter the Labrador Theory

A sad labrador

Photo credit: smerikal via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

When you take a creature and teach him by repetition to behave in a certain way, he will eventually assimilate this behavior and reach a point where he believes that this is how he is supposed to behave. This is far more effective than forcing a creature to act in a certain way because you can be sure that after it is trained, the behavior will rarely (if ever) change. This also means that you don’t need to constantly supervise and watch the creature so he would constantly behave like you want him to, he is willingly doing so.

The Labrador theory says that the reason for having sad guide dogs is because these fun loving and lively creatures are trained to act aginst their nature. Notice they are not forced to do this, they are trained to become docile, responsible and calm when walking the busy noisy streets, which are filled with distractions.

This means that for years and years they have been taught to act aginst their natural instinct until they have reached a point where they actually believe that this is how they want and should act. After all, if they act like that they will have easy lives where they are well fed, taken care of, and also get appreciation from their masters.

What could a dog want more?

Why Labradors and humans are the same

Like our poor labradors, most people are going on with their lives acting aginst their true nature. They do things they don’t like, they spend hours and hours at jobs that they hate, they sometimes even go and spend tremendous energy to impress their bosses/supervisors/managers in order to get a trinket in the form of a raise/day off/better conditions.

Like our sad Labradors, most people have been trained to act like that from the time they were born. The minute they step out into the world, they are taught to act according to some pattern that the masses determine. Usually, this pattern is study-get a secure job-have kids- wait for retirement- die. They are taught to act according to this pattern until they actually believe that this is how life should be. This is the how we suppose to act.


A happy labrador

If we excel at living like the above pattern described we get a steady job, a good marriage, a mortgage, 3.1 kids, and well… a dog. What could a person want more?

But like our labradors, If we live according to someone else’s expectations and norms we are living aginst our own nature. So if most people are living aginst their nature, underneath all the layers of the so called success and good life they would actually be sad, lifeless and only wait for someone to set them free. They don’t understand that the only one who can set them free is their own self.

What can you do about it?

If the above description sounds familiar then don’t worry. There are many people that feel the same way. Most of them would not even think about “risking” their comfortable easy caged life for the “chance” of being really happy and living to their own expectations.

The fact that you have read thus far means that you do believe that you have something in you that can do better, and achieve more than the 9 to 5 job(which might or might not pay handsomely) you are currently performing. And if that is the case, then almost half of the hard work is done.

What you can do is start learning. Invest time and money in understanding yourself, and how this universe operates, and more importantly how we humans operate within it. How we can create our own reality, how we can achieve everything we want, and how we can imagine wonderful visions and see them manifesting in our lives. The more you study the
more you would see how you can improve your life, and how you can bring the joy of living back into your own life.

If you are not sure what the next step should be, don’t worry. I felt the exact same way when I’ve reached the conclusion that I had to change something in my life to truly start living. There is a great seminar by Bob Proctor which is called “you were born rich” which I feel teaches the basics of how does the world operates and how we can experience more life.

Another thing you could do to start learning is to try out a personal development program that can teach you the basics. The first personal development program I used was Bob Proctor’s “six minutes to success“, and until today it was one of the best ones I took part in. You can read my review about it in the link below:

six minutes to success review

Whatever you decide please don’t just read this post and postpone this. If you have a feeling that you can be more, have more and do more with your life follow it! Don’t give up and go back to your comfort zone. It was Neale Donald Walsch who said:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

And you are standing right on the edge of it.

So do you want to be yourself, or a Labrador?

4 thoughts on “The labrador theory

  1. Kenny

    I fully understand your Labrador theory. I had a black lab and she was the best dog I could have ever asked for but it would have been awful for her not to have been able to have the fun life she had and been forced to live a life where she was forcefully taught to behave a certain way. I fully believe dogs are great for helping people but they also need to enjoy their lives.

    • ido

      These labs are a great metaphor for many of us who are trained to believe that working 9-5 will get them anywhere or make them happy. Most of us are trained to live within some make believe boundaries we set up for ourselves, and are content to settle as long as we have “enough”. But we lose the spark of living through this conditioning process

  2. Marc

    Very nice article.

    I like how passionate you are about these creatures. I myself is a big dog lover and I get emotional if I see a dog that is not treated well or not happy in general. If I could adopt all of them I would. They are doing a great job guiding blind people and I am pretty sure they appreciate their guide dog more than anyone else.

    • ido

      I understand where you coming from.

      When I was younger I was so passionate about treating pets correctly, that I could just physically harm people who abused pets (cats and dogs mostly). It took me a while to understand that wanting to hurt these abusers won’t do anyone any good, and I should focus my energy on a different place if I want to help these creatures.

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