Tony Robbins RPM program will help you experience success

PRODUCT NAME: Rapid Planning Method (RPM)
OWNER/COACH: Tony Robbins
PRICE: 249$
REFUND: Yes. 30-day full money back guarantee
MAIN IDEA: A system that will help you achieve more with your time and your life
WHO IS IT FOR: People who want to pursue big goals and achieve more in their daily 24 hours

RPM stands for Rapid Planning Method. It’s not another program that will teach you how to manage time; it’s a system that teaches how to adjust your thinking in order to create a life which is more fulfilling and rich.

The review will explain the basics of how the program works, and compare it to other personal development programs out there. So if you have just a few minutes to decide whether Tony Robbins’ RPM method is for you, I suggest you invest them here.


The RPM method is centered on focus. Tony Robins’ main point in the program is that most people don’t achieve more in life because they lack the focus and intensity of thought to pursue and achieve what they really want. If people knew what the outcome that they are striving for, and harness their capabilities towards achieving their goals, then they would actually achieve their goals, and live a more fulfilling life. So all though RPM stands for Rapid Planning Method, it can also be looked at as a Result-oriented, Purpose drivenRPM method Massive action plan.

The program is based on 3 main questions:

  1. What do I really want? – what is my desired outcome? This outcome should be as specific as possible and measurable. For example, a good outcome would be “I want to earn $150K each year” as opposed to “I want to earn more money”
  2. What’s my purpose? – Why am I doing what I’m doing? The Why is  even more important than the objective. That’s because the “why” is what gives the objective the emotional fuel. The emotion gives us the motivation to continue on with pursuing the objective even when things don’t work out (and it’s certain that there will be times that they won’t).
  3. What do I need to do? – What is my massive action plan? Not just one or two things that I can do. It’s important to brainstorm a bunch of ideas, so later we could decide which ones have the most power, and are the most effective in getting me to my goal.

In addition to the question above, which construct the basis of the program, RPM outlines a specific method to build a plan and follow it through. The method is very simple to understand, and consists of just 4 steps:

1. Capturing your thoughts – writing down what you want to accomplish. It could be a big goal, and it could be something you want to achieve today. The main point is to write down the ideas, and don’t keep them in your head where they might vanish.

2. Chunking – Chunking is a way to turn a lot into a little. It’s a way to take all the information that is given to us, and size it up to bits our mind can handle effectively. This step calls for you to identify the similar items you captured on stage one, and group (or chunk) them together under one category. For example refreshing your stock portfolio and starting another savings account could both go under the “finance” category

3. Build an RPM block – An RPM block looks like the table below:

RPM_blockThis is a place to take each category and build a block that has all of the RPM elements. This is a place to write down your “why”, plan the massive action plan and write down the requested result, so you don’t loose track.

An example of an RPM block could look something like this:

rpm_block_example4. Creating fun/empowering names for your roles – Describing yourself in terms of roles can give a whole new perspective  to what you have to do in order to reach your goals. Thinking of new words to describe your actions creates exciting new possibilities of looking at the “ordinary” things that need to get accomplished. For example, the person who wants to get promoted to a new position could think of himself as the new “rising star” in the company, that everything he does works brilliantly and attracts the right kind of attention. This is instead of the usual role of “corporate worker” which all it does is just filling up a position in the company.
An accountant can be a financial detective. A mechanic can be a car surgeon and a secretary can become the treasurer of information.
Whatever name you choose, make sure you are having fun with it, and that it makes you feel good about what you are doing. The point is to have a role for yourself to unleash a child-like behavior that would get you through the challenges of accomplishing your goal.

These are the basic principles of the method. As long as you can answer the first 3 questions, and set up a massive action plan, all you need is the consistency to achieve it. That is accomplished by writing down the goals, and the “why” and putting as much emotion behind each daily activity towards your goal.

If you want a summary of the program from Tony himself, here’s a video that explains the basic principles behind the method:

Pros and cons


  • Not that expensive compared to other programs in the industry
  • Result oriented and very practical


  • The binder includes all sort of tools, and a workbook, but no audio instructions or explanations.
  • No spiritual element – All though the program is very practical, I think that as long as it does not include a spiritual aspect behind it, something is missing.

Final opinion

The RPM method is extremely practical. It fits people who want to work methodically, and in an ordered manner. It’s very simple to understand, and all though simple, still makes you think and ask yourself difficult questions. The program then takes the answer you gave to those questions and explains how to build on them and move forward.

With that being said I think that program is still lacking one major aspect, and that is the spiritual side of success and achievement. Most people would probably won’t even notice/care, but I think that a spiritual element that explains the philosophy behind personal success, is important to help to implement and understanding the method.

So if you don’t mind all the spiritual mumbo-jumbo and want results, this program would be excellent for you.

How to join

 All you need to do is click on the link below and starting taking control of your time, and achieve what you really want.

Click here to start taking control of your life and experience more success





12 thoughts on “Tony Robbins RPM program will help you experience success

  1. What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious knowledge regarding unpredicted feelings.

    • ido

      Glad you find it compelling!

  2. Dinh

    I am definitely orientated towards results and steps that will get me there so this program looks great for me!
    I think the price is expensive though. Doe he have another that is cheaper? Is this the best result oriented program out there?

    • ido

      There are many other result oriented programs.
      The one I’m using, which I think is excellent (which actually increased my income by 50%) is the one named “6 minutes to success”. There is a review of it here on the site, and if you want to start somewhere, that would be a great place to do it.

  3. Sounds like an awesome planning tool. I once read in a business book about “When you figure out out your ‘Why”, you will find your ‘How””. It’s all about how hungry are you for success. But is this just a workbook? If it is I think the price may be too high for me.

    • ido

      I agree that for a workbook, the price is a bit high.
      However, you are going to spend those $199 anyway on something. Why not spend them on yourself?

  4. Brandon

    Hello Ido, I’m currently in the process of trying to take control of my future, so this program does really stand out to me. However the cost is a bit on the pricier side which is what put me off straight away.

    What are your thoughts on this? Is there anyway to get this program cheaper?


    • ido

      I agree that the price of the program, for just a workbook, the price is pretty high. However for the industry as a whole, this is one of the more accessible products that can give a lot of value if you follow through.

      In case you were thinking about something more accessible, Tony Robbins has another program which is called: The time of your life. This is just a two DVD set, which relies heavily on elements from the RPM system. This costs only $19.95 which can easily fit for most people, and also has a ton of information to consume and improve your life with.

  5. Gary

    I agree, there is a spiritual side to success. I can’t define it, but it is definitely more than just thoughts or simply completing steps.

    Still, the Tony Robbins RPM system might be just the ticket to guide someone to a higher level of success, particularly if they are stuck.

    In my experience with products from self-improvement teachers, I’ve found growth and achievement to be a continuous process that requires exposure to the influence of many different people.

  6. Adam

    This looks really good. I am a big fan of Tony Robbins and his work has helped me and many othrrs I know. It is the first time I have seen this course and I will definitely take a closer look at it.
    Have you been on any of his courses?
    Not a bad price either when you look at the value he provides.


    • ido

      I actually haven’t been to any of his courses. I Follow him, and watch many of his courses online, but haven’t yet been to a live one.

      I’m currently investing more time and energy to another great teacher of this material named Bob proctor. But Tony Robbins’ material is definitely something I will get involved in later on.

  7. Hi there. I personally have followed Tony’s journey for many years. He just seems to go from strength to strength! His teachings always seems to hit the spot with virtually anyone and I have not heard anything bad about his products. This specific product is something we can all use, as most people are not that great at time management and keeping to our goals. Thank you for the great info!

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