Your Key To Success: What is abundance mentality?

Just before we learn what Abundance mentality is, I want to ask you to imagine a golf ball sitting in the palm of your hand. Do you see it? Try to feel the slick surface touching your skin, and how it barely weighs anything. Scientists tell us that the universe, billions of years ago, started this small.  Can you imagine that? The endless vastness of space, with its billions of galaxies and billions of stars each harbor. It’s hard to grasp how small we are in the big (big) picture.

What is abundance mentality?

Abundance mentality is the understanding that there’s more than enough to go around. A few years ago, I had a roommate who was (and still is) a very successful individual. I used to be very jealous of him. Since, just by living with him, I had a constant reminder of how far behind I’m in comparison. He had a successful career with a promising future, women were chasing him around, and all in all, he was a super cool and outgoing guy. How I wanted to be in his shoes just for one day. Because he was successful, I felt like I’m losing in some competition. As if success was this big cake and I wasn’t fast enough to get my slice.

Back then, I had a poverty mindset, the belief that there’s lack in the world and not much to go around. I very much regret not making the best out of living with someone successful. Imagine how much I could learn from him. But, my poverty mindset kept me stuck in jealousy with a dash of bitterness; not so tasty.

Go go go!

Go go go!

Do you feel jealous of other people? Of course you do; it’s only human. The next time the feeling of jealousy arises, please check maybe it comes from a feeling of lack.

Why do we have this feeling of lack sometimes? Have you noticed how possessive and competitive little kids can be?  We have lack ingrained in us. It’s almost a survival instinct.  Since the dawn of man, we’ve been competing for survival. We had to fight for food, shelter and other resources. Those who were highly competitive made it to the next round, and those who weren’t, well they aren’t here to tell their stories.

The media also enforces this belief of lack. With images of poverty every night on the news, ad campaigns reciting “for a limited time only”, financial crises every now and then – lack is all around us. And true, the man-made world is not abundant. Obviously, we are no match to the universe.

We live in an abundant universe that keeps expanding and expanding, meaning getting

This is why you can’t find your car keys

This is why you can’t find your car keys

bigger and bigger. One golf ball sprouts billions of galaxies. One seed becomes an enormous and fruitful apple tree. One cell, in time, keeps multiplying until it’s a full grown human, with trillions (!) of cells, capable of envisioning the future, reflecting on the past, writing poetry or blog posts and making love. The air, trees, insects and pretty much everything is made out of atoms; all vibrate in perfect harmony to compose a magnificent symphony called life. Take in the air for one moment, and let it all sink in. You are a part of it and it is part of you. This is how abundance feels like.

To feel abundant is to know that you don’t need anything else in this moment. This moment is perfect as it is. Why? Because that’s where life happens – now, and this moment is all we have. “But what about that dream car or that dream house I so desperately want?”  In this moment you have everything you need. The universe took care of that. If you find yourself resisting to this statement, perhaps you still refuse to let go of your poverty mindset. I can go on and on, but really Shakespeare said it best (and who can compete):

“Nor decked with diamonds and Indian stones,

Nor to be seen: My crown is called content “


Yes, it’s in your heart, Joffrey!

Yes, it’s in your heart, Joffrey!

How to cultivate an abundance mentality

Let’s cut to the chase and get practical. Pick any of the tools below (or all of them) to shift your mindset towards abundance.

1. Gratitude

I dedicated an entire post for this wonderful tool. Basically, you need to acknowledge the blessings in your life. The best method I recommend is keeping a daily gratitude list. By opening your mind to the possibility that even smaller things could be a blessing, you slowly and gradually break free from poverty mindset. You might not be super rich, or work in your dream job, but cultivating the habit of appreciating whatever is going on in your life is the sure fire way to an abundance mentality.  “Smile and the world will smile to you”, it’s not just a saying; it’s a recipe for abundance.

2. Praise

Pick five individuals you see as successful.  Try to mix between people you know personally and people you heard or read about. Now, for each name on your list, give praise and appreciation (you can say it out loud or to yourself). This might feel forced at first, and that’s OK, but keep at it. Similar to the gratitude list, this little technique teaches us to feel happy for other people, and by that, we are letting go of jealousy.  Repeat this exercise daily.  Acknowledge that someone else’s success is another proof of an abundant universe. The more you recognize and praise success in the people who are close to you, the more it gets closer to you as well. Remember, if you can’t feel happy when other people succeed, you won’t feel happy when you will. Carve this Hawaiian Huna Saying on your bed post and live by it (I surely do):

“Bless that which you want”

3. Feel abundant

This might sound overly simple, and like the previous exercise could feel forced at first, but feeling abundant makes us actually more aware of the abundance around us. When we are more aware of the abundance, we literally get more of it. It’s an amazing cycle! So start feeling abundant whenever you possibly can. The more you feel abundant, the easier it will be further down the road to get in touch with that feeling again.
A simple trick I use is just before I start my weekly grocery shopping in the supermarket, I take 2 seconds to look over all of the stocked aisles and think to myself that this one form of abundance. I then let the feeling of that abundance feel me up, and only after I feel really good, I start with the shopping.  

A personal note

Kudos, you’ve reached the end of this post. I hope this post helped you learn more about abundance, and how to bring it into your life.

The above techniques are just a few I learned from one of my great mentors, Bob Proctor, in his excellent Program: 6 Minutes to success. If you want to start feeling more abundance in your life, I really suggest you register for the program and see for yourself how it can change your life for the better. You can read the review I wrote about here

Learning to feel abundance is a process. Your mind will naturally gravitate towards lack and poverty mindset, and that’s natural. Thank your beautiful mind, as it is an incredible machine, and bring it back towards abundance using the tools above.  Be open to the world and soon you will see its abundance. Recently, someone on Reddit shared the following words of wisdom, and I will leave you with that:


“Instead of jealousy, I DECIDED to be happy for others doing what they (and I) love.

Instead of bitterness, I OPENED myself for peace.

Instead of obsession, I LET GO with the knowledge that the universe understands my desires and it will shape my reality to bring me what I want and need.

Instead of feeling more more more, I FOCUSED on gratitude of the many blessings I have.”

6 thoughts on “Your Key To Success: What is abundance mentality?

  1. Shirley

    Fantastic advice. I’m pretty sure most of us have been caught in that jealousy trap before. The thing I’ve noticed about most of the successful people I know is that they’re happy to give advice to others, we just have to let go of that stupid jealousy and ask the questions – you never know what you might learn!

    • ido

      Yep. Jealousy is simply the fear of losing something we don’t have. Which is quite absurd when you think of it. Once we let go of that fear, we can really be happy for others with what they have, and allow that abundance to flow into our lives as well.

      • Hey Ido,

        Been dwelling on the whole. ‘Jealousy is simply the fear of losing something we don’t have’ i can’t quite get my head around it. Are you able to give an example of situation this happens?

        In my head with regarsd to the successful friend in the article how can we be fearful of losing what have (success and good job, good relationship etc) when we don’t have it?

        • ido

          Thanks for the kind words! Your support and appreciation are welcomed and appreciated 🙂
          Thank you for this wonderful question.

          I wrestled with this myself when I heard it from Bob Proctor as well. I can’t say that I can exactly explain his meaning, but I can let you know what my interpretation to this is.

          The basic premise is that we can have anything we want. Why? because everything we desire is already here. We need to work and invest energy in receiving it, but it already exists. Furthermore, our abundance does not in anyway depend on other people’s abundance or action. When we set our mind to have something and work on receiving it, then the universe (or infinite intelligence) would supply us the necessary ingredients and events to make that happen (via the law of attraction).

          The negative feeling of Jealousy originates from the lack of knowledge that we can, in fact, have anything we desire and are willing to work on receiving. Jealousy means, that guy has something I don’t have, and I resent him for having this. That resentment is because the jealous person thinks that now there is less of what he wants to go around, and he won’t be able to have what he wants. He is afraid his desire won’t be satisfied. So he is afraid of losing something even before he got it.

          For example, many people think that since immigrants are coming to their country, there would be fewer jobs to go around. So people without jobs are afraid to lose the job they don’t yet have.

          The truth is there is an abundance of everything in this world (jobs as well). And if there would be more demand, there would be more of that resource. There is never a lack of anything, and if you desire something, the only work which needs to be done is on receiving it. A great book on that subject is “the science of getting rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.

          Hope that explains it

  2. Jason

    love it! This entire post is pin point accurate. There is more than enough to go around. You have to be willing to work at it, believe it can be accomplished, and keep moving forward. A bunch of small wins equals a big win. I will definetly have to look into Bob Proctor as well. I have heard his name before.

    • ido

      Thanks Jason.

      We are always abundant. We just need to train ourselves to see and feel that. We are programmed to take these things as granted, but the more we exercise our abundance consciousness, the more abundance we will experience! Amazing isn’t it??

      In regards to Bob proctor, I really recommend finding a mentor and follow his teachings. Pick someone who has results you want. The change that could happen in your life could be incredible.

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