What Is Coaching?

When I tell people I started learning coaching, the first question they ask is “what is life coaching about?” (the second one, by the way, is “what kind of exercises you use?“), so before you ask this as well, let me start at the beginning.

There are many blunt definitions for coaching. According to Wikipedia coaching is “training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal“.

The ICF (International Coach Federation) describes it as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential..” and there are much more out there (270,000 answers on Google!). 

270,000 results!

All though both definitions above are completely true, it’s hard to specifically define coaching as it is a process, with so many aspects to it.

As a matter of fact, it’s so hard to articulate exactly what coaching is, that sometimes even seasoned coaches are struggling to explain what they do.

In a nutshell, the process of coaching involves two people. The one is the coachee (or client) and the other is the coach. This relationship is created in order to set goals and meet those goals. The coach’s role is to help the client identify its strengths in the area he wants to improve, and set specific and achievable goals based on these strengths, and the request of the client.

The process then takes both Coach and client together on a journey for self-discovery that eventually would enable to client reaching the goals that were initially set, whether these goals are external or internal.

Do I need a coach?

If you have any field in your life that you feel that you could do better, and you don’t know quite how to do it – then the answer is yes.

If you feel like you are not quite living up to your potential – then the answer is yes.

If you feel like the results you are currently getting are not exactly the results you want to have, and you are not quite sure on how to get them – then the answer is yes

Many people feel that they are not quite what they thought they could be. That they could do more, be more and have more, in various aspects of their lives. That is when coaching comes in. Coaching is the process that would take you from point A to point B, using your own personal strengths.

If you want to achieve more in your life, and you are not quite sure on how to get this done, and where to start, then coaching would be right for you.


22 thoughts on “What Is Coaching?

  1. shrey

    I always had people judging me when I told them that I need a coach and they have always thought that I’m crazy or not good at my job and that is the reason I need a coach.
    You have made it very clear in this article that people in every field just need the right coach in order to have the best out of opportunities.

    • ido

      I think that most people dont realize what a life coach can achieve and how it helps us grow. There is a nice quote by Eric Schmidt, former Google’s CEO, who said: “People are not good at seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really really helps. Everybody needs a coach”

  2. Wow! I’m a 100% with you! I share the same mentality! I truly think that this is a place people can get some really good advice and guidelines to going on with life!
    Keep on encouraging, and do your best by helping people to think better! People often times don’t realize that they need to learn every day new things and to have an attitude of “I want to get better at different things!”.
    Keep up the good work and teach people to learn from different people!

    • ido

      Glad to hear that Freddy!
      I truly try to teach people that they can be much more than what they currently think they are, and to show them that all of our outside world, depends on our inside thinking.
      The more aware people get, the better. First of all for themselves, and than for everybody else.

  3. Julie

    I completely agree and think that anyone who needs a little nudge or help getting in the right direction can benefit from the services of a coach. As part of our family’s graduation gift, we gave my sister a short introduction course with a community coach and she benefited tremendously from it. I’d highly recommend it. Thanks for sharing with us your services and talents.

    • ido

      What a great gift!

      This is the first time I hear about an idea like that. It really makes me happy to hear!

      Just multiply the benefits of one session with a few months of coaching, and you’ll see how a coach can improve and enrich our lives.

  4. Cristina

    Great blog post! I really enjoyed it. You website looks super professional as well. I like how life coaches strive to guide their clients to identify their dreams, recognize what’s blocking their fulfillment, and then actually pursue them. They help their clients come up with specific steps to make them reality.

    • ido

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I think that helping people and having them reach places they only dream of, is nothing short than amazing. People can do SO MUCH MORE then what they think they can do, and helping them see this is my passion and joy.

      Every time someone comes to me sharing his successes and achievements it just fills me so much knowing that he has grown in awareness.

      Everyone needs someone to guide and help them, and I hope that you have someone in your life that does that as well.

  5. Norstad

    Hello Ido, nice post you have. In the past I have been a good for nothing kind of guy. I waste time do vices and so on and so forth.

    It only changed when I started reading books about personal development. I have read books of Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Tony Robbins. They are great coaches.

    Even though I’m not personally connected to them, by reading their books they kinda coached me indirectly. Now I know how to focus, I don’t waste time and I’m more disciplined. Thanks to my indirect coaches.

  6. Raquel

    It helps to have a great coach. Someone who can really guide you in achieving your goals and improving yourself. It takes someone with awesome coaching skills who will ask questions that will make you think about the current situation, obstacles, and solutions you can do as you achieve your goal.

    • ido

      I agree completely.
      I think that good coach knows (intuitively or otherwise) how to ask the next question that will make the client think further, and get out of himself more.

  7. Brandon

    I think a lot of people need a great life coach. Someone who isn’t going to downplay them no matter what they go through. It will help you get through some tough times. This can also help with drug and alcohol problems. But at the end of the day it is up to the person to make that decision. They have to be coachable they have to listen and take advice.

    • Ido

      You are right. As much as a coach wants to help, and guides the client, the client need to want to change. I do believe however, that very few people are not coachable, and if someone decided that he wants to go to a coach, then he expresses a desire to change something in his life.

  8. Josh

    Hey Ido,
    Nicely written article on what coaching is all about. In truth really anyone can benefit from coaching and most people usually have coaches at some point of their lives or others.
    Whether it is a parents, teachers or our friends /mentors they all at some point in life act as coach.

    I saw a lot of comments how to be a coach and being a coach is more of a skill but you should have genuine need or desire to help others and that is the most important factor for being a coach. Certification is just a matter or semantics.

  9. Bryson Harbin

    First, I LOVE the catchy graphics (Did you use Wordle?) The content is solid on the cover page.
    Some things you might want to consider: The title has the W and the I capitalized but the c is not capitalized. For uniformity, I would cap all of the words, as it is your title. Also, the first sentence has several spelling errors. The “i” should be a capital “I” when referring to oneself. Wikipedia is also misspelled…
    Overall, the content looks good. What I find helpful is to type the content I am going to post into a word document and run spell/grammar check then paste it into my website. I hope that helps!

    • Ido

      Thanks for the kind words Ginger!
      Your feedback is much appriciated.
      For the cover image i used this site to find the image: https://pixabay.com/
      I find it very helpful when searching for free images.

  10. Rawl

    Thank you for your honesty in the review section. It gave me some ideas. It helped letting your readers know the information gathered is second hand research.

    How do you reconcile coaching being closely related to counseling if you don’t have a degree and counseling license? Is this a problem?

    • Ido

      This is a question many people ask.
      Coaching is not counseling. A coach is not a counsel or a mentor, and as a matter of fact should avoid giving counseling. A coach is there to help the trainee understand his strengths, focus the trainee’s energy and help him achieve the goals the trainee itself sets. The coach should not tell the trainee what is preferable to do or give advice, as the only person who knows what is best for the trainee is the trainee itself.
      A good and ethical coach would help the trainee reach its own conclusions, and would not draw his own conclusions regarding what the trainee needs to do.
      That is why no counseling degree is required to coach.

  11. Daniel ERW

    A very interesting article, thank you for making it!

    I would have a question: it is about being a coach instead of needing one. Do you think the only way to be a coach is by doing an official course or are there borned coaches as well?

    Do you see coaching as something everyone can learn or are there skills you need to hold?

    • Ido

      The short answer is that I believe that like any skill set, everyone can learn it. But if you possess natural traits that amplify and correspond to the skill, you would get more joy in applying the skill, and the results you would receive in applying it, would be better.

      I think that everyone is born with its own strengths. Some people are more attentive to people’s needs then others, some are very friendly and outgoing, while some people give allot of attention to details. A sales person, who is naturally friendly, would probably be more effective than one who prefers to spend his time by himself. A programmer which is more attentive to details would probably be more thorough then the programmer who notices details less.

      Same thing with coaching. If you are born with natural traits that correspond to the skills you learn while learning coaching, you would enjoy applying them more, and it would “feel more natural”.
      Don’t get me a wrong, I think that everyone can be a coach, just like everyone can be a programmer. The joy in applying the skills while coaching would differ based on one’s personal inclination

  12. Dan

    Nice job on the website, Ido. Very professionally done and I see that you have found your passion in life–to coach others.

    What specifically do you offer coaching for, or is it tailored to each individual client?

    Good luck with your business and website. I hope this finds you doing well.

    • admin

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I am currently in the certification process of becoming a coach.

      My main intrest is excutive and business coaching. Coaching is personaly tailord to each one by its nature, so yes, the service would tailored for each customer.

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