What is sacrifice?

What is a sacrifice to you? Does it involve losing something? giving up on something you like? When I think about sacrifice the first thing that comes to mind is that I’ll have to lose something I love.

The definition of “sacrifice” according to the Merriam-webster dictionary is “the surrender of something for the sake of something else”. So the losing part is indeed there, but most of us really ignore the part where we gain something from our sacrifice.  It’s not that we lose something, it’s that we give a lesser thing to receive something greater in return.

And that’s what I want to talk about today.

Sacrificing “living”?

One of my colleagues in the office that I work in was brought up in Silicon Valley. She told

Sillicon valley

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me that if you don’t run your own startup there, then you have a  side startup in addition to the regular day job. She said that there is a saying there that “even your Uber driver has a startup”.

She told me that she also had one, but decided to stop working on it, all though it received funding. During our conversation, she kept repeating that she would someday get back to it. She will eventually do it, just not now. Now is not the right time.

She also told me that one of her friends started a startup as well. Her friend and 2 other people worked hard on creating that idea. She said that she saw her friend working continuously.  From morning until night. According to my colleague, her friend was continuously involved with her startup and didn’t have time to go to coffee shops, see movies, spend time with friends, “you know, living a little”.

As soon as she said that I understood why she stopped working on her startup. The one word that crossed my mind was the word “sacrifice”. Here is a bright young woman, which really wants to do her own thing and follow her desires, but she is not ready to sacrifice her current way of life that involves having “free time” to sit in coffee shops.

sacrificing coffee shops?

Our time is never free. Nature abhors a vacuum, and if we don’t fill our time with something productive then our time will be filled with something unproductive or even destroying. This means that whether we control it or not, our time is taken up by something. So in order to make time for something we really want, we first must give something we already have.  In other words, In order to get something of a higher nature, we must sacrifice something of a lower nature. In this story that means the need to sacrifice the “living” she has when she finishes her day job in order to see the dream that she has in her mind come true.

This internal fight between lazing around as opposed to doing something productive with our time is something we all experience. Personally, I  find myself thinking from time to time how fun it would be if I could have one evening to sit around and watch a movie. But the idea of me sitting around, while I could be helping people grow and develop, and bring my dream one step closer to coming true, keeps me off the couch and in front of the computer typing away.

The thing is that once we set our mind on an idea, then sacrifice doesn’t seem like a sacrifice at all, and what looks to others from the outside like hard work, or sacrifice, from the inside, is a completely different thing. It’s only when we look from the outside of things, that we realize that we are actually giving something away.

What are you sacrificing?

Do you have a big goal you are working on? Is there a side hustle or a project that you secretly desire to achieve? Have you ever stopped and think if you are sacrificing something in order to get it? We can never have something unless we first give something away. Whether it’s our time, our efforts or something physical, unless we are ready to give something out, we would never receive anything back.

If you have a side hustle, what are you willing to do in order to get it off the ground? Are you willing to stop watching tv? Maybe cut down the social media time in half?

Take the next 5 minutes and think about the goal you are working towards and then think what it is you are giving in order to have it in your hand.

Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and grow rich” said that “There is no such thing as something for nothing”. What are you willing to let go of in order to receive something bigger?

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