What is the law of relativity and how to use it correctly

You might have heard about the law of relativity, the most successful theory of Albert Einstein! To use the law of relativity in life, it’s not necessary for you to understand the whole Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. You just have to understand its philosophical implications, which are very easy and simple.  Here is the very simple explanation to the question ‘what is the law of relativity’ and how it can be used in our everyday life?

What is the law of relativity?albert-einstein

In our life, nothing exists without comparison! Which means you can say something is good or bad, big or small only after you relate and compare those things. Rich exists because we compare them to the poor; just like that, a good experience only exists because we compare it to a bad experience. So, the law of relativity tells us that everything in this material world is made real when it is related or compared to something else. Take a note of one thing; in life, nothing has a meaning in and of itself, it’s all about what meaning we give to it.

To make this idea more clear look at the below boxes. Let’s look at the blue box and cover the other two boxes. If we just look at the blue box, without seeing any other box next to it, then the blue box is neither big or small. It’s just it. Now let’s look at the blue and green boxes. Compared to the green box, the blue box is small.
Now let’s look at the blue and pink boxes. Now the blue box is suddenly big when we compare it to the pink box.

What just happened here? The blue box was small, and then it suddenly became big.
Well, the truth is that the blue box is neither big or small. It is exactly what we make of it to be. When we compare it to the green box its small, and when we compare it to the pink box it’s big.


Now you could say, “Ido come one, this is a simple idea. Nothing to really deep here” Well you are right. It is simple, but most of us miss the fact that we use this simple idea on a daily basis, and most of the time we use it in a way that demotivates us and hurt us.

You can think of your life as good or bad, depending on how you use the law of relativity.  Suppose you are facing the bad situation in your life and when you compare it to the situation much worse than yours, you will feel good. But if you compare it with something better, then you will definitely feel miserable. It all depends on how you relate and compare things and situations.

Everything in life is relative

In short, all things are relative. Sometimes your own comparisons can be self-defeating and you can use the law of relativity to see that. For example, if you are earning an average income and comparing yourself to someone who is earning millions, you will definitely feel that your financial condition is terrible, but if you compare what you have to what the poor in Malawi or Afghanistan have, it will make you feel that you are the one enjoying abundance. This will make you think of yourself as wealthy and this thought will help you attract more wealth. So, this justifies that there is nothing like big or small, rich or poor until you compare and relate.

So, your success totally depends on how you choose to compare yourself and your success. The comparison can either pull you up or hold you down. If you use the law of relativity to help you find the good in life, it will help you succeed.

Basically, it’s all about what we are relating to and that decides whether we will see the situation as good or bad. Everything in life just is and it is us who decide its value. For example, if you own an iPhone 6 and you compare your Smartphone to the latest iPhone 7, obviously your phone will look bad, whereas if you compare your iPhone 6 to an iPhone 4, you will get the satisfaction that your iPhone is better.

Even when you are comparing your work in which you are not an expert at, to the work that is done by some skillful person, your work obviously won’t look any better. When you do this, you are using the law of relativity against yourself, as this comparison calls for bad feelings and lowers the confidence and self-esteem. Instead, use the law of relativity in your life in a correct way to enhance your confidence and then you will understand that even you are special.

In this case, you can do that by keeping in mind, that everyone will do something better than you, which means that even you are an expert at doing something that no one else can do better.  So, whenever you will apply the law in your life in a proper way, you will win!


When you choose to apply the law of relativity, it’s your responsibility whether it will be in your favor or not, depending on how you perceive the things or situations. If you will use this law to compare yourself to the people who are better than you, you will definitely not feel good about yourself and this will further demotivate you and affect your growth. Avoid using it in this way.  Instead, use the law to succeed in life. Always compare your situation or yourself to something that will make you feel better.

In conclusion

Everyone wants to be successful or want to feel good about themselves! You can do this by using the law of relativity in your life in a correct manner. Believe that you are better than others and you are living a good life by comparing yourself to someone who is inferior to you.  This will bring positivity in you and will attract more good things to you. So, it is very important to use of law in your favor if you want to win and succeed.

If you have not yet applied the law of relativity in your life, start from right now! Make yourself more worthy and successful by using the Law of relativity in a positive way.

photo credit: JASElabs via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

2 thoughts on “What is the law of relativity and how to use it correctly

  1. Lauren

    .Hi Ido,

    I didn’t even realize how frequently I have been using this on a daily basis. This is a great lesson on how to have a more positive outlook on life – just by changing the way you look at things, from negative to positive. This was really informative – thank you!

    • ido

      Thank you for the kind words.

      Every one use this this law almost intuitively. Most of us simply use it the wrong way to discourage ourselves. It’s so easy to switch that totally around and start looking at our lives completely different. All we need is the awareness of what we do, and the will to do it.

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