Wheel of life coaching tool

Coaches use many tools in their sessions. Some of these require just using the client’s imagination, while others might require some additional visual aids – mainly pen and paper.

One of the most famous tools is the wheel of life coaching tool. This is one of the most simple and effective tools in the coach’s tool box, and because of that, it is one I love very much. The wheel of life shows the balance in the client’s life and checks how satisfied he is with the current state of affairs as reflected from the wheel.

The wheel of life usually paints a picture of one’s life from high altitude and shows what

areas in our life are given most of our time and energy. In some cases, these areas are not the areas where we really want to spend our efforts and time on.

Another big advantage of the wheel of life is that it’s so simple that you can use it for yourself, and see if there are places which you have neglected, or want to improve to have a richer, fuller life. After you fill in the points on the wheel and connect them, the picture that is reflected can give you a very good starting point on the areas you want to shift your energy on, to have these improved.

wheel of life coaching tool


What is it all about?

The classic wheel of life is divided into eight sections that together describe a way to look at your entire life. The classic eight sections are:

  • Career
  • Family and friends
  • significant other/romance
  • fun and recreation
  • health
  • Money
  • Personal growth
  • Physical environment
Taking a snapshot

Taking a snapshot

These sections can be changed and adjusted according to what the client and the coach decide on (and if you perform the exercise yourself, you can, of course, choose which sections best represent your life). For example, the friends and family section can be broken up into two separate sections or another section can be added like “Children”.

The wheel of life measures the satisfaction from each area on the day it is filled. It is a snapshot taken at this moment. It is not supposed to show how each area has been in the past, and it is not a report card that you score the various areas on how well you performed in them. All it does is show what do you think and are you satisfied with each area NOW.

How to use the wheel of life

The way to use the wheel of life is simple:

1.Rate the level of satisfaction on each section of your life where zero means not satisfied and 10 means highly satisfied (10 means it’s so good, you can’t possibly imagine how it can get better. I’ve never seen anyone rate anything as 10 yet 🙂 ).

2. After each section is rated, connect the dots to form an inner wheel. After you have completed forming the inner wheel, you can ask yourself the following question: “If this wheel was a tire in my car, How bumpy would the ride be?”

3. Decide on an area you like to improve or want to raise the rating for. In a coaching session, the coach usually asks the client to focus on one area he wants to improve, and then continues by asking powerful questions to start moving the client forward in thought. If you do the exercise yourself, you can start  by asking yourself powerful questions to get the imaginative juices flowing.

Other versions of the exercise

All though the most classic version of the exercise is the most common, the principals of the exercise can be applied to specific aspects of our life and still have the impact of showing us the balance of each section of that aspect.

We can apply the principals to our work, our relationships with other people, our managerial skills, and many other aspects as well.

You can find some nice ideas for other versions in the interactive wheel here.

I personally prefer and mostly use the classic version when I coach. I find that it is very easy to understand, and by taking complex thoughts and simplifying them to specific sections, where the client can then rate them, we can usually gain a new perspective on topics where the client thought he understood well and didn’t bother to inspect deeper.


As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, one of the big advantages, in my opinion, of the wheel of life is that you can do it by yourself on your own life, to start gaining clarity as to where most of your energy goes. This gives an excellent starting point if you are trying to figure out where most of you time is spent, and if your current life direction is heading the way you want it to go.

You can find a blank wheel of life sheet here on the great “coaching tools company” site.

As always If you have any interesting stories, questions, remarks or if you think I have it all wrong, make yourself heard in the comments below.

22 thoughts on “Wheel of life coaching tool

  1. jschicanha

    Thank you for explaining the wheel of life.This information is learning us the things that we need to do during our life and how much care we must take for our life.I like the way you designed the pie chart which is showing the wheel of life. your ideas are welcomed and informative.

    Best wishes

  2. I like the method of cutting up the areas into a visual pie. Sometimes my life is just a blur of grayness and I don’t take time to question it. It is helpful to start out with a visual representation of the state of my satisfaction. A bit shocking but can be made to look more approachable than just another glaring list of what’s wrong. Thanks for sharing your suggestions.

    • ido

      Hi Staci,

      when we want to reach a certain point, we first need to know where are starting from.
      So mapping out the current situation to understand what areas of your life are you happy with, and where to invest energy, is defintly the first step.

  3. Now you have a visual representation of your current life balance and your ideal life balance. What are the gaps? These are the areas of your life that need attention.

  4. max

    Hello Ido! I like your post very much. It was deep all while being straightforward and to the point. I definitely see people liking this post as they can take matters in their own hands. I especially like the analogy to a bumpy wheel. Truly good job and efforts. I’m just curious as to whether or not the pictures are royalty and attribution free. Keep it up!

    • ido

      Thanks for the feedback!

      The images I use are from specific sites that offer images under the CC0 (creative commons) license – meaning that attribution is optional.

  5. Jessie

    Wow this definitely makes you think about your life and makes sure you are being honest with yourself. I love the idea of actually drawing the circle, since I learn more in a visual way. Do you have any tips for finding the motivation to actually change once you draw your circle and see what needs improvement?


    • ido

      Hi Jessie,

      I’m very pleased you noted that you think in a visual way. The fact of the matter is that we all think in images. Just try this out. Think of your home. An image of your home will flash through your mind. Think of your car. An image of your car will flash in your mind. That is why the bet way to understand and really internalize something is visually.

      The best way to stay motivated in achieving your desired change is focusing on it. Just keep imagining how your life will be like once you complete the desired changes. Really feel what you will feel when the change will take place, and in no time, you will see that you are already living your changed life.

  6. Elektra

    Great article Ido! I never heard about Wheel of Life before but I can see how this rather simple tool can be a great resource for coaching. Very interesting!
    I also wanted to say that I like your website very much, well done!
    All the best,

    • ido

      Thank you very much Elektra.
      Yes, this tool is something that is learned right at the beginning, but I keep coming back to it over and over through my coaching sessions.

  7. You have presented highly useful information for anyone to use. I like the fact that the wheel can be used in just about any aspect of a persons life. I am going to apply the wheel of life to my current life cycle just to see where things are. Who knows what I may discover. Oh! Scary … but useful.

    • ido

      Hi Billy,

      Will love to hear the results!

  8. What a huge effect on the population if more people could balance that wheel. It would reduce mental illness, psychiatric care and prescription drugs. The crime rate would drop, and the world could reap the benefit. I wish you a very successful future in your field.

    • ido

      If people will be able to look at their lives from above, and gain a new perspective then they will probably change the way they live, and focus their energy on the things that matter to them the most. This will make them happier and could result in the changes you said.

      So yes 🙂

  9. Hi there Ido,

    I found this wheel of life concept a good way to “measure” life and give it a balance. I have heard of it before but now I get the full understanding by reading this article.

    I was also thinking to myself if there is a replica of the circle or wheel of life that I could purchase so as to keep a track of my improvements as I go through this journey of life. It would be helpful to have something like that!

    Overall, I like this article and I would love to learn more from you as a life coach.
    Thank you for sharing.


    • ido

      Hi Jason,
      Glad to hear you like the concept, and that it helped you.

      You can find a nice copy of the wheel of life, with instruction on how to use it here. The page has other materials as well, so you might be able to find something that suits you better.

  10. albina

    This is so fascinating, life coaching has never caught my attention even at a single moment, what a surprise i have found today. To be sincere, most areas in my life lacks some attention while others have full and i have never understood why .I like that wheel very much i have started using it and it realy will help me alot. Some parts like;
    4 Family and friends,
    These have got my full attention very well, while some like fun and recreation, personal growth and the physical environment got a little or none at all. I will be using your wheel because i want a balanced life.

    • ido

      I’m so glad to hear this helped you. This is one of many tools coaches use to forward the thinking of people so they could understand their lives better and would be able to make decisions and improve their quality of life.

      If you have any question regarding coaching, or need any help, please let me know, and I will be more than happy to help further.

  11. Jon

    Hi, very interesting concept. Was quite engaging as I’m sure lots of people want a more rich and fulfilling life.
    The site looks nice, especially with that background which catches the eye straight away and is quite relaxing which is what you need for a site like this. Good use of photograph of yourself too as being a coaching website it needs to be personal.

    Can i just offer a suggestion for your site… maybe change the font on the site title, as at the minute it looks like it reads “Find the NIGHT coach”?

    Well done, and keep up the good work!

    • ido

      Thanks Jon, for all of your feedback.

      I will look inot changing the font. If its not clear, than it defintly needs improvment.

  12. Hey There

    Stunning Website. I am starting with my coaching career and must compliment you on your website. It has great information and allot I can use.

    I really enjoyed reading it.

    Please keep on sharing I will need all the help I can get.


    • ido

      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I will love to be of assistance.
      Just let me know what you need and I’l see what I can do.

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