How to find a life coach

The answer to the question “how to find a life coach” is very personal, and depends only on you.

How to find the coach for you?The process of coaching involves two individuals: the client and the coach, and as in any relation between to people, it changes depending on those people. There are menu coaches out there, and each has its own unique approach as to how the goals that were set should be achieved. Because of that, each coach-client relation is different and unique, and that is why the only one who can be sure who is the best life coach for him, is the client.

With that being said, there are several considerations you need to think about before choosing the best life coach for you:

The type of coach you are looking for

There are many types of life coaches. There are career coaches, relationships coaches, leadership coaches, executive coaches, teen coaches and the list goes on.

It is important that before you pick you life coach, you understand what is the field you want to improve in your life. Do you have problems finding a job? Then the career coach is for you. Are not fulfilled in your relationships? You might need a coach that specializes in relationships. The area that you would like to see improvements will determine the type of coach you would want to meet.

Will the coach be local or online

There are many coaches around the globe. Most of them work with global clients. This means that the coaching sessions can be done through phone or the internet. Usually, it is preferable to do this session over the phone, as the internet is unpredictable, and it can very interfering to have a coaching session that keeps hanging up. An online coaching has the benefits of tapping into coaches that you might have never have gotten access to, on a local scale

Will the coach be certified or not

The regulation of the coaching profession is very scarce. Actually, everyone can call himself a life coach, even you. There are many educational programs and training courses, each focusing on different fields and emphasizes different things. There are many schools, programs and credentialing organizations that certify coaches.  The most reputable and widely known is the ICF, which pretty much set the standards of the profession in current times. It’s not obligatory that the coach is certified. A great coach could have no training at all, while a lousy coach might have credentials from several different institutions. It all comes down to the way you see the results manifest in your life and your connection with the coach.

After you made your decision with respect to the fields above, you might want to check our hiring tips page, to understand what to look for when hiring a coach

If you feel that you still have some question on how to deciding which type of coach is best for you, please contact me at  ido@findingacoach and I would be happy to help.

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