How mirror work can help you achieve everything you want

Nowadays, we’re constantly surrounded by already well-known slogans on billboards, in books, or in newspapers: love yourself, be yourself, embrace yourself, be strong… and the list could go on and on.

We read this, but sometimes it’s extremely hard to really think about it and to instill it in our minds. And if we do succeed in thinking about these affirmations, sometimes it just doesn’t last long, and the insecurity and problems are back again. And we know that we simply need to love ourselves first, and then we will be able to love everybody else and to share that love. Very often, we are capable of saying kind words to other people, but when it comes to us, our very own precious being, then we’re reluctant to say something nice.

However, there is an exercise that can help you put your self-love into words; it’s called: Mirror Work. But first, a question: how many times did you say ‘you look beautiful’, or even ‘I love you’ to someone else? Now, how mfrog in the mirrorany times did you say those words to yourself?

If you answered zero, You’re not alone.

In the world where everything happens so quickly, where we are often overwhelmed by obligations, technology, worries, stress, we tend to forget all the virtues we have. And most importantly, we forget to be grateful for them. The sense of gratitude is missing in our lives too often, but we can actually do something about it. So, there’s a method called Mirror Work that can help you to be more aware of yourself and your personal values. It’s very easy to introduce this simple technique into your everyday life, and the results will start to show the second you try it.


How Does It Work?

In order to do this correctly, you only need two things: a mirror, and isolation. You need to be alone, with your own thoughts, and with no one around to disturb you. Find some quiet place, wherever you can be completely alone with a mirror in front of you. It could be a bathroom, your bedroom, whatever works for you. And then, let the magic begin…

step 1

For a few seconds, just look at your reflection, especially your eyes. You will immediately feel that the sense of awareness is starting to rise: you’re here, now, you have a body, blood’s pulsing through your veins, you’re alive. This acceptance of your existence in this world will open your mind, and bring new refreshing thoughts to your brain. It may be awkward at first, but once you realize how sublime this feeling is, you’ll feel much better.

step 2

After this phase comes the next step: say something nice to yourself. Say it out loud, in soft calming voice. It doesn’t have to be something big, you can focus on little things you’ve done that made your day. For example: reflect over your entire day, and find something you did that calls for appreciation. Did you cook something incredibly tasteful for lunch? Did you finish a great book? Had a coffee with a friend? Be proud of it! Look in the mirror and say ‘I’m proud of your cooking today’, or ‘You’re such a caring friend’! Acknowledge your qualities! This method can be practiced in the morning, or in the evening, it’s important it happens on a daily basis.

Creating through mirror work

In addition to empowering yourself, you can use mirror work to actually create things in your life. One of the key elements of creating abundance in our life is auto-suggestion. A great way to practice auto-suggestion is saying affirmations to in front of the mirror. This exercise is really simple and it takes approximately 30 seconds:

  1. Look yourself in the right eye
  2. say the affirmations you want. Feel like it has already happened (one of my favorites which involve money is “I’m so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities  from different sources on a continuous basis”)
  3. look yourself in the left eye
  4. repeat the affirmation again
  5. do this 7 timeseye

The positive feeling that this exercise leaves you with is awesome!.

If you want to create some new habits, or you simply want to develop some character traits you don’t have, then you can use the above technique to change that. You can say ‘I can do this’ if you have doubts about something; or ‘I am creative’, or whatever you find lacking when it comes to your life. By repeating this to yourself, you’ll discover how your mind can make a progress, and bring you new motivation and new accomplishments.

Why the Mirror?

The reason why the mirror is your best friend, in this case, is because it can help you visualize yourself. Besides, only a mirror can show you yourself as others see you, plus, you can clearly follow your reactions. You’ll probably notice a smile on your face when you realize that you’re talking to your own reflection, but it’s absolutely normal. That’s what you need: a smile, positive energy, love, confidence. You will understand that you are a human being with emotions, with a beating heart, with virtues and flaws, and that you have so many reasons to appreciate and love yourself.

The Results

Self-love is a process that is not always so easy and simple. And it can take some time, but when you master mirror work, you’ll see that it’s the best possible present you could treat yourself with! You’ll become less self-critical, and more self-confident. The world around you will be colored in bright shades, the energy you emit will become captivatingly positive. You will enjoy the most important relationship in your life – relationship with your inner self. Remember, if you can be kind to others, then why wouldn’t you be kind to yourself? And why not out loud? Always be sure of one thing, though: it’s not the world that has changed, it’s you.



4 thoughts on “How mirror work can help you achieve everything you want

  1. Farhan

    Very insightful article you have here. I never thought that we could use something as simple as a mirror, in order to conduct some sort of psychological therapy.

    This will be very useful for anyone who needs that extra push in their self-esteem. You’re right, we always try to meet everyone’s expectations, while neglecting our own mental health.

    Great article!

    • ido

      Thank you for the kind words!

      I agree that it’s pretty amazing that such a simple exercise can help so much.

      The important thing is to make sure we repeat it over and over. What makes the difference is the repetition.

  2. Mark

    I want to say thank You for this site. Self help is a great thing and your coaching abilities are even greater. I read your article and I will be looking into the mirror very soon. I want to change many things in my life and this is a great starting point. Thanks again and good luck in your future.

    • ido

      Glad to hear.

      I think that we all need to take time to develop ourselves and study ourself. The more we know and understand ourselves, the more we love ourself and that leads to a better life. So the more we study ourself, the more we would enjoy our life

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