The 6 basic fears part 1: The fear of poverty

The excellent Book “Think and grow rich” describes 6 basic fears that are present in our lives, and from which all other smaller fears stem. most of us suffer from one or another or a combination of a few at some point in our lives. As the book explains

“Most people are fortunate if they do not suffer fro the entire six”

These 6 fears are:

  • The fear of poverty
  • The fear of criticism
  • The fear of ill health
  • The fear of the loss of love
  • The fear of old age
  • The fear of death

Each of these fears could be holding us back in our growth and from doing greater, more interesting things with our lives and in order to grow we need to overcome or reduce the influence of the fear which holds us back.

A good strategy in any form of progress is having intelligence about the enemy, and before we can master any fear we must first know its name and attributes. This three-part post will describe the fears and their symptoms in hope that it would shed some light of what is the fear you are experiencing in your life, and how it affects you. The first two parts will describe the fears, and the last part will give directions as to how to overcome them.

The description of the fears and their symptoms is taken mainly from the Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and grow rich” and are summarized with a touch of my interpretation of things.

Ready to dig in?

The fear of poverty

This fear is so prominent in almost everybody’s mind that the first part will be dedicated to it. It affects most of the human population to some degree or another, and it is the reason why most people don’t go for what they want, but rather for what “they can achieve”.

The fear of poverty is just a state of mind! But this is the most destructive of the six fears, and it can affect every one of our higher faculties and destroy imagination, enthusiasm, self-control, friendships and foster procrastination worry and doubt.

It takes considerable courage to admit to ourselves that we have it. It takes more courage to accept that as truth once we admitted that it evident in our lives.When you start to analyze yourself and see if this fear is found or exhibits some behavior in your life, it might not be that easy at first. But I invite you to take the first step and see if any of the below symptoms is something that you feel is holding you back.

Symptoms of the fear of poverty


This is expressed in mental or physical laziness, lack of initiative and imagination, the decision to settle with what life is giving you (instead of going after what you want) and lack of enthusiasm and self-control.



The habit of turning off active thinking or critical thinking, and letting others do the thinking for you. This also makes people very influential and adopt views which are not really their own which are presented by the media.indecision


The habit of explaining and rationalizing failures, and search for alibis for those failures other than ourselves. Can also be expressed with envy for successful people or criticizing them.


Might be expressed by finding faults with others or neglecting personal appearance. Also, can be exhibited by nervousness, fidgetiness, lack of confidence and over self-consciousness

Over caution

Can be exhibited by pessimism and in “waiting for the right time” until waiting becomes a habit. Also appears as thinking and talking about possible failures and not thinking and speaking about success and in looking at the negative side of every circumstance.


Willingness to compromise instead of facing difficulties and using them as stepping stones. Putting off things for tomorrow when possible instead of doing them today. Planning what to do in case of failures instead of concentrating on success. Lack of ambition, self-control, initiative and enthusiasm.

All of the above come from the same place, which is our inherent fear of poverty. Thoughts of poverty and thoughts of abundance can’t co-exist in the mind.So if you want to experience more abundance in your life I encourage you to analyze yourself and see if any of the above symptoms is found in your life. If it does, you now know where it comes from.

We will speak about how to deal with it in the upcoming posts.

2 thoughts on “The 6 basic fears part 1: The fear of poverty

  1. Dion Mavatha

    I have read a lot about this fears and believe me when am saying it really heaping to have legend that Hills to share the kind of information with us,even if not lot of people do know about it. Well i think we got lot of information that is still need to be done so that we can learn more about overcoming our fears.Well all am saying is i wish one day i will attend one of the seminars.

  2. Tһis is а very good tip particularly to those fresһ to the blogosphere.
    Simрle ƅut very precise info… Many thanks for sharing this one.
    A mսѕt read post!

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