The 6 basic fears part 3: How to overcome the 6 basic fears.

This is the last part of the 3 piece post that speaks about our 6 basic fears, as appears in Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece “Think and grow rich“. This part will talk about the way to overcome the 6 basic fears we covered on the first and second posts.


In order to understand how to overcome the 6 basic fears, we first need to understand their result. I’m not talking about the results in our life, I’m talking about the more immediate result that the fear cause our thinking and that is worry.

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Worry is a form of sustained fear which is caused by indecision. Since we have the capacity to decide and make decisions, it’s, therefore, possible to control worry by simply reaching a decision.

most people don’t reach decisions. They either consciously don’t want to reach a decision

or they default to not making a decision. Both of which are decisions by themselves. When a decision is not reached, we leave an empty space in our mind regarding the topic we need to make a decision on. Since nature abhors a vacuum, in that space a fear (or one of its forms) settles. If the topic in which we fail to reach a decision is important, and we dwell on it a lot the fear germinate and intensifies. This “dwelling” is worry.

Worry is subtle and the more we worry the more it digs in and finds its place. If we continuously do that, worry has the power to paralyze us and destroy our reasoning factor, initiative, and self-reliance.

How to overcome the 6 basic fears

The 6 basic fears turn into worry by indecision. So making a decision regarding any of them is the best and most direct way to overcome them.

1. Simply reach the decision that you can get along with any wealth you accumulate to
destroy the fear of poverty. Once we decide to live by our means, and not live beyond them, it doesn’t matter how much we earn, or what is our financial situation. Whatever it may be, as long we will live according to it, we will never live in poverty.

Elbert hubbard

Elbert hubbard

2. Elbert Hubbard, the American philosopher once said:

“to avoid criticism, do nothing say nothing and be nothing.”

Criticism will always be here, no matter what we say or do. Let’s decide not to care what people say or do regarding our actions, to eliminate the fear of criticism.

People will always say things about our actions. Once we understand that, it’s easier to accept that fact. We don’t have to accept criticism, we just need to understand that it’s here to stay, and decide to not be influenced by it.

3. Get rid of the fear of ill health by reaching a decision to forget symptoms. our bodies are stronger than we think and are influenced heavily by our own mind. Symptoms are passing so don’t make them be more than they really are. Our natural state is perfect health, and we can deal with every sickness that comes our way.

4. overcome the fear of loss of love by reaching the decision to get by without love if need be. That it not a preferred option of course, but it’s better to live without love then have the fear of losing it control our life.

5. Stop the fear of old age by understanding that it is inevitable and accept it. We have a choice as to how to accept it, though. So let’s look at old age as a blessing that brings with it wisdom, self-control and deeper understanding of life that we can leverage in our own life and help others with, rather than a form of handicap that needs to be avoided and looked down upon.

6. free yourself of the fear of death by simply deciding to accept it as an inevitable event in life, rather than try to outrun it. Death is an essential part of life, without it, we would have no value for life. It will come to us, and the best thing we could do about it while we are alive is to simply forget about it.

Final words

This sums up the 3 part post regarding our basic fears. I think it’s important to understand these and see which ones are most evident in our lives. In order to perform any intelligent action to eliminate something, we first need to know what that something is. Describing these fears will help us in better understanding them, and would also allow us to find out how they manifest in our lives. After we have done that, the next step would be to decide and commit to that decision to not let them instill worry in our lives.

A person who’s mind is dwelling on fear and worry ruins his chances of taking initiative and action. reaching a decision and following it through to eliminate worry and fear from our life will make room in our mind for more productive and positive thoughts.

So back over to you. What is the fear that you experience most in your life, and how do you get over it?

6 thoughts on “The 6 basic fears part 3: How to overcome the 6 basic fears.

  1. Shirley

    I think you nailed it with just a couple of words there. No matter what the worry is, you can either change it or accept it. Worry is really a waste of time and energy that you could be putting towards something more productive. It’s always more pleasant to fill your head with good thoughts rather than ones that cause distress.

    • ido

      I think you’re exactly right.
      Why spend energy on things that don’t do us any good, and only drain energy. It’s like were investing energy to feel worse.

  2. Lindsey

    This is a problem that has been on my mind for a while- the fear of poverty. I know that I do not want to be poor or miss out on the opportunities of life due to finances. While I am going to try as much as I could, I understand that living within my means would help to dispel my fear of poverty. Thank you so much.

    • ido

      Lindsey, from your comment it seems that what creates the fear is the fact that you don’t want to “miss out on opportunities of life due to finances”. It’s not the fact of being without money, it’s the “missing out”. So if you change your perspective on missing out, you could actually reduce the fear and its effect on you.

  3. Ravi

    Hey Ido,

    Great post on fear. Fear is really crippling. I experienced lots of fear growing up when I was around girls because I had poor self esteem.

    I overcame it later in life by exposing myself to more social situations and also improving my fitness and getting some hobbies.

    What I realised is that none of it mattered as much as I thought. Getting the hot girl did nothing for me.
    I think you have to be comfortable from the inside.


    • ido

      Once we focus on ourselves and really love ourselves, then what criticism other may have regarding our actions just doesn’t effect anymore. It simply bounces off our shield of self-love.

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