Think: the legacy of think and grow rich

If you look around, there are thousands of self-help gurus that claim to understand the “secret” of money-making really well. But ever wondered where did all this start? Who’s the teacher of these countless authors and life coaches who’ve all achieved wealth and success in their respective fields of work?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the book that has created waves around the world and sold millions of copies in many different languages. This book is at the root of what you may call the modern uprising of wealth creators and it took the author more than 20 years of hard work, research, and analysis to come up with definitive principles for creating abundance in your life. Don’t you think there should be a movie on that? ‘Think the Legacy‘ is a movie that will make the dream come true for hundreds of thousands of TGR fans and aims to have a long-lasting positive impact on their lives.

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An Inspiring Story Will Meet the Silver Screen

It’s the story of Napoleon Hill and his study on 500 self-made millionaires, what did it takeThink and grow rich book cover
him to write down in 13 simple principles how anyone can become wealthy and prosperous, regardless of their background and inherited family wealth. Back in the days, it was awe-inspiring, and it still is. Never ever before has anyone taken the leap to learn about the life of Napoleon Hill and present to the audience facts about what inspired him, and how it all happened.

‘Think: the Legacy’ is going to bring the 13 principles of achievement documented in the original book to life.  The movie will depict how its possible to have the right kind of mindset without which there’s almost zero chance that you will succeed. Coming from my experience with successful people and failures, it’s fairly easy to tell that having even a slightly negative mindset can affect your ability to set and achieve goals.

Universal Principles of Mastery and Success

If you follow Bob Proctor, he will tell you more about it. During his work with various clients, he noticed that the same principles highlighted in the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ still hold true no matter what the context is. Being a life coach myself it has been an
amazing feeling for me to liberate myself from the wrong kind of mindset earlier in my professional life and find the path to success almost effortlessly. This goes a long way in saying these universal principles will work for you if you know how to apply them and are eager enough to make it happen.


What Self-made Millionaires Know That You Don’t

What makes self-made successful people so confident about their wealth making skills? What’s the secret so powerful that even if take away everything from a self-made millionaire, there’s a high likelihood that he’ll make a comeback and earn it back within almost no time? If there was to be a movie that goes in depth over these concepts that are hidden from most sections of our society, this would be it!

How Well Do you Own Your Life?

Think: the legacy of think and grow rich

A scene from the movie. Copyright of “Think: the legacy”

Most people today are unaware of their true hidden potential. There’s no one to inspire them or tell them “You are the true master of your destiny” and make them realize the power they hold inside themselves. They don’t know that they can change their own life and create the life they really want to live. “Think: the Legacy” aims at becoming mainstream and redefining the most misunderstood topics in the art of creating success, mastery, abundance and wealth in an entertaining format that everyone would enjoy watching.

Final Thoughts

Getting rich is less about the digits reflecting in your bank account summary and more about the person you become along the journey. But unfortunately, the messages that can change our lives go unheard and unspoken about in our daily lives. No one showcases them on TV or highlights them in the news. Think the Legacy would be one of the first commercial movies to cover such an important topic that everyone should know about. With the support of countless followers in every corner of the globe, it’s all set to become a huge success and leave a lasting impression in the lives of the viewers.

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Think:The legacy of think and grow rich

2 thoughts on “Think: the legacy of think and grow rich

  1. Philip

    Hi Ido,

    I am a huge fan on self-help books and reading this article was very interesting. I would appreciate to hear a bit more about your thoughts regarding the book and how it helped you? I am glad that you touched on the the fact that your mindset can effect whether or not you are successful! Overall, I enjoyed this post. I will be looking forward to the movie release!

    • ido

      Glad to hear you liked the post!

      The book changed my way of thinking in several ways. The most important one is he actually taught me what are all those extremely successful people are doing different than me. Not only that, he also gave me those exact tools.

      Later on I tried several technics that appear in the book, and they work! I increased my income through principals in the book, I study daily because of the book, and I changed several of my habits because of it.

      If there is one book I recommend each person to read, it’s this one.

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